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S House 3

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S House 3 is a prefabricated house designed to be transported and assembled on-site by the user.

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Product Description

S House 3 is the third prototype house for low-income communities designed by Vo Trong Nghia Architects. It was conceived as a quickly built home in response to housing shortages resulting from natural disasters. The design integrates solutions such as natural lighting and ventilation within a modular precast structure.

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Manufacturing/Building Method

S House 3 is pre-fabricated assembled house produced by Vo Trong Nghia Architects in Ho Chi Minh City. It is mainly selled and transported to Mekong Delta but also to other parts of Vietnam. Its transportable by small boats and assembled on-site by the dwellers.

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User Provision Model

Users can directly contact Vo Trong Nghia Achitects to buy an S House 3

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Design Specifications

S House 3 is a 31.6 m² house that can be assembled in one day and it was designed to be transported by small boats to all Vietnam regions. Although the original project had only a single room, it was designed considering the possibility of dividing in multiple rooms according to the needs of the residents. The main structure is made from lightweight steel (1200 kg) and the walls are made of Slender steel lattice that support and rigidify the frames. The pedestal is incorporated with a concrete foundation. All components were designed to be lighter than 60 kg to facilitate transportation and construction. Different materials can be used for cladding and can be replaced by dwellers.

Product Schematics

Technical Support

There is no technical support provided and users are expected to maintain the product on their own.

Replacement Components

If there is any damage walls and roof can be replaced by the dwellers.


Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

All the components were designed to be lighter than 60kg to allow easy transportation and construction . The manufacturer informs that it takes three hours to assemble the whole steel structure and roof.

Vetted Performance Status



Builders should wear appropriate protective equipment such as hardhats, gloves and safety glasses while working to protect against physical injury commonly associated with heavy construction.

Complementary Technical Systems

Electricity, sanitation and water complementary technical system are required.

Academic Research and References


Compliance with regulations

This design does not specifically comply with any international or country-specific regulations.

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  1. nsarwark says:

    Are these houses available for deployment outside of Vietnam?

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