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Sun King Boom

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Sun King Boom is a portable solar lantern that provides light, plays music, and charges mobile devices.

Developed By
  1. Sun King
Tested By
  • Lighting Global
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Product Description

Sun King Boom is a solar-powered lantern designed for light, music, and mobile phone charging purposes. The Sun King Boom has a 5V USB output from the solar panel, which has a 6.7 W MPP, and is both developed and manufactured by Sun King. 

Target SDGs

SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy

Market Suggested Retail Price


Target Users (Target Impact Group)


Distributors / Implementing Organizations

Greenlight Planet (Sun King) is a for-profit social business that designs, distributes, and finances solar home energy.

Competitive Landscape

Manufacturing/Building Method

Sun King Boom is manufactured by Greenlight Planet Inc. in Shenzhen, China.

Intellectural Property Type


User Provision Model

Users can obtain the product/service from certified distributors and partners, which include OrangeTM, SunnyMoney, One Acre Fund, Total, and Fullerton India.

Distributions to Date Status

While the exact number is unknown, the product is distributed by various distribution Partners that meet capital investment, experience, infrastructure, market reputation, and market knowledge requirements.

Design Specifications

The product has three main features; lighting, FM radio, and device charging. First, lighting comes from LEDs with 160 lumens total flux, with neutral color temperature. There are three light modes: Turbo (160 lumens); Normal (75 lumens); Low (25 lumens), and have a 360-degree ambient wide-angle spread. The device is described to provide 36 hours of light with 1 day's charge. Secondly, the Radio operates at an 87.5 MHz – 108 MHz frequency range with an internal antenna, and stores up to 10 channels with numeric key input. It also has a 3 W, 85 – 90 dB/W in-built Speaker, Aux-in 3.5 mm Earphone jack with volume adjustment up level 18, and MP3 files through USB, SD card/TF card slot with size up to 32 GB. Finally, the Device charges with 5 V USB power output from the solar panel designed to power standard USB devices; mobile or device charging only works under direct sunlight, which includes common phone adapters.

Product Schematics

Technical Support

The Sun King Boom comes with a warranty card that lasts up to 2 years and a user manual. A contact page is available on the Sun King website for further questions.

Replacement Components

Replaceable components include the battery and LEDs.


This product includes a 2-year warranty and has an expected lifecycle of 5 years.

Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

Designer specified performance targets include: portable, durable, and versatile. 

Vetted Performance Status

Testing performed by Lighting Global determined that 100% of the original lumen output remains after 2,000 hours run time.


Potential hazards related to the operation of this product include battery leakage.

Complementary Technical Systems

Reliable access to sunlight is required every day to charge this product.

Academic Research and References

No academic references.

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Compliance with regulations

The Sun King Boom meets the Lighting Global Pico-PV Quality Standards.

Evaluation methods

The manufacturer cites durability testing as evaluation criteria per IEC 62257-9-5 v.4. The tests include a switch test, drop test, strain relief test, and physical ingress protection.

Other Information


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