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Tricefy is a cloud based system that allows healthcare experts to manage ultrasound images.

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Product Description

Tricefy is a DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine), a cloud based system used to share ultrasound images. The main functions of the software are messaging and image management used to help diagnose the health of a patient’s pregnancy.

Tricefy transfers images to Trice imaging severs at a remote data center over the open internet. The Tricefy uplink appears as a DICOM server on the local network and stores the DICOM data locally, then forwards all data to the Tricefy Service.

The product is developed and commercialized by Trice Imaging, Inc.

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Tricefy has clinical users in 106 countries across 6 continents.

Design Specifications

The software allows healthcare personnel to share ultrasound images. The ultrasound machines generate the data, which are then sent by the cloud. The main advantage is that the medical staff can share information in order to get a proper diagnosis. Tricefy provides a hardware device, which first encrypts then forwards DICOM transfers securely to Tricefy servers. Tricefy includes a web interface where users can log in to export imaging studies, change settings for messaging, incorporate branding and perform other administrative tasks as well as view statistics and usage information. The main characteristics of the service include:

  • Each browser supports up to 6 images simultaneously.
  • E-mail and mobile messages sent to patients applications.
  • "Share with colleagues " function.

Technical Support

Trice offers multiple support tools, including: - The Help Center guide - Telephone: +1-858-397-5216 -  E-mail: support@triceimaging.com

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Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

Allowing healthcare workers to exchange ultrasound information more easily.

Vetted Performance Status

In the Mobile Ultrasound project, for 4 weeks medical professionals visited three small villages in rural Morocco. Medical staff performanced 575 ultrasound on expecting mothers and sent the results to be interpreted in 3 larger cities. The results include:  



Complementary Technical Systems

Academic Research and References

Bryczkowski, C., J. and Byrne, M.W., 2017, Workflow and Middleware, Ultrasound Program Management, pp. 281–299.

Compliance with regulations

-General data protection regulation (GDPR) -Different policies depending on the country. Consult here -HIPPA (Health insurance portability and accountability act) -ISO13458 -CE marking

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