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AFRIpads Menstrual Kit

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The AFRIpads Menstrual Kit is a set of four reusable sanitary pads, plus one storage bag, sold in Uganda, Malawi and Kenya.

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  1. AFRIpads
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Product Description

The AFRIpads Menstrual Kit is a set of 4 reusable sanitary pads plus 1 storage bag. They have a 12-month lifecycle and are solid in Uganda, Kenya, and Malawi. The design is a reusable pad that buttons securely into a pair of underwear, providing about 8 hours of use with a 2-hour drying period after washing.

Target SDGs

SDG 3: Good Health and Well-Being

Market Suggested Retail Price


Target Users (Target Impact Group)


Distributors / Implementing Organizations

NGOs and international relief agencies, as well as by direct consumer purchases. Partners include Save the Children, ADRA, Plan International, and others.

Manufacturing/Building Method

AFRIpads Menstrual Kits are produced at their manufacturing facility, located in a rural area in Southwestern Uganda.

Intellectural Property Type


User Provision Model

These products are distributed by NGOs and international relief agencies around the world, as well as by direct consumer purchases in Uganda.

Distributions to Date Status

Over 3.5 million AFRIpads Menstrual Kits distributed and counting.

Absorbency types

The deluxe AFRIpad kit provides 3 Maxi pads (20 mL absorption) and 1 super Maxi pad (30 mL absorption).

Absorbent base materials


Usability Features

Pad buttons into pair of underwear, pad fold for storage, storage bag included.

Design Specifications

AFRIpads are made of fleece. The Deluxe Menstrual Kits include

  • 3 maxi-pads, which have 20 ml absorption, 6-8 hours of use, and 2 hours drying time.
  • 1 Super maxi-pad, which has 30 ml absorption, 8-10 hours of use, and 2 hours drying time
  • 1 washable storage bag
The pads are unscented and the wings button into a pair of underwear. AFRIpads also offers variety kits including 5 packs, 6, packs, 8 packs and more.

Product Schematics

Technical Support

AFRIpads have an instructional video to assist with care, and can be contacted here with questions.

Replacement Components



12+ months

Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

AFRIpads’ specified performance targets include absorption (20 ml and 30 ml for maxi and super maxi, respectively), 2-hour drying time, 12+ month lifecycle, cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Vetted Performance Status

Based on the double XConomy study, girls said the cloth pads they had been given were more reliable than customary methods, AFRIpad had sturdier design than Mwezi Pad, and there is a potential health and safety risk from poor hygiene resulting from lack of access to soap and clean water.


AFRIpad specifies that users should not use hot water, not use bleach or chemicals, not share pads, not use a hot iron, and make sure the pad is fully dry before wearing or storing.

Complementary Technical Systems

soap, water, underwear

Academic Research and References

Montgomery, P., et al., 2016,  Menstruation and the Cycle of Poverty: A Cluster Quasi-Randomised Control Trial of Sanitary Pad and Puberty Education Provision in Uganda. PLoS ONE. Vol 11.

Scott, L., et al., 2013, Sanitary Pad Acceptability and Sustainability Study. University of Oxford.

Hennegan, J., et al., 2016, Measuring the prevalence and impact of poor menstrual hygiene management: a quantitative survey of schoolgirls in rural Uganda. BMJ Open. Vol 6.

Tokuda, K., 2015, Prosocial Cost-benefit Analysis and Hybrid Organization’s Social Impacts on The Extreme Poor: A Case Study of Lunapads, a B Corporation. International Proceedings of Economics Development and Research, Singapore, 85, pp. 26-33.

Millington, K.A., Bolton, L., 2015, Improving access to menstrual hygiene products. GSDRC.

Crofts, T., Fisher, J., 2012, Menstrual hygiene in Ugandan schools: an investigation of low-cost sanitary pads. Journal of Water Sanitation and Hygiene for Development, 2, pp. 50-58.

Compliance with regulations

AFRIpads uses Lunapad's design, which is FDA compliant

Evaluation methods

Double X Economy’s study used these methods: 402 secondary school girls participated. All received MakaPads and were instructed to use the Mak1 Incinerator to dispose of pads. In addition to MakaPads, 1/3 received AFRIpads; 1/3 received MakaPads; 1/3 received a package of 6 KMET Pads. Surveys on demographics, knowledge of menstruation, and past practices were conducted. At the end of the trial, the girls were interviewed on their experiences. Focus groups and a survey about wealth and spending money were conducted with girls and boys. Study results can be found in the link above. According to Lunapads, customers are often recruited to test products and give feedback, which is used as the guide for product use. Different products may be developed with different goals in mind, which requires sourcing and testing of different materials/fabrics to make sure they perform to standards. [Interview with representative]

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