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Viamo is a mobile phone notification and survey platform

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Product Description

Viamo is a mobile phone notification and survey platform, offering local-language voice-based services that remove the barriers to insightful mobile communication between citizens worldwide and the organizations that serve them. Having proven it’s efficacy in Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda and India, the Viamo platform now works to place outgoing calls anywhere in the world.

The aim is to make it easy for organizations to reach their stakeholders through interactive SMS or voice calls in local languages, instantly reaching across distance, language, and literacy barriers. They also have an API to power existing mobile service providers. The current user list includes the World Bank, UNICEF, McKinsey&Co, Innovations for Poverty Action and Farm Radio.

Viamo is a ready-to-use service for sharing information and gathering feedback through mobile interactions. With Viamo users can immediately start sending and receiving interactive voice calls, SMS messages, and USSD conversations to thousands of mobile phones, in minutes.

Watch a video explaining how Viamo  (previously called Voto) works.

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Distributors / Implementing Organizations

Viamo, a Ghana-based social enterprise.

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User Provision Model

The easiest way to get started with Viamo is through the web application. Users can try the platform for free at go.votomobile.org.

Distributions to Date Status

Over 250 organizations use Viamo Mobile, as of August 2016.

Design Specifications

Viamo enables to: - Send voice and SMS communications to small and large groups Send messages to promote health behaviour changes or to provide educational information; Announce community meetings and share local government news; Send announcements to suppliers and customers to ensure smooth business operations; Provide community health workers with current available supply levels; Ask citizens and community stakeholders for input; Subscribers page screenshot; - Reach people in every language Designed to reach citizens and respondents in any language and any location, with full multi-lingual voice and SMS capability; Hear all voices: send translated messages and surveys all at once, and see response rates and results across languages; - Record your messages from anywhere, in seconds Audio choice screenshot; Upload audio files from your computer, use the intuitive "Call to record" option to record directly from your phone, or re-use existing audio by selecting it from the audio library; Reach translators for local languages directly, using "Call to record", no matter where they are in the world; - Easily create simple and complex surveys alike; Create surveys to quickly gather feedback, from anyone with a mobile phone; Add multiple-choice, numeric, and open-ended questions that can be answered by voice and SMS; Create branching surveys with conditional logic options, letting you send specific questions based on respondents' answers; - Analyze call statistics with sophisticated tracking Track user engagement with your messages; Find out how long subscribers listened to each message, how often they can be reached, and much more – allowing you to refine your messaging and reach more subscribers over time; - Receive inbound calls and let subscribers reach you on their schedule Set up incoming call routes with a detailed switchboard system. Enable custom responses for existing and new subscribers, add call-in respondents to specific groups, and much more. Route messages using optional SMS keywords, within the Viamo Platform. Incoming switchboard screenshot; - Accelerate your app with an advanced voice API Connect new and existing applications to the Viamo Platform, to add voice messaging and survey support to any app; Easily develop and test apps by reviewing API actions within the standard Viamo interface and vice-versa - and by using the extensive API documentation.

Technical Support

Provided by Viamo. Viamo has customer care professionals who can help you use the platform as well as business development professionals who can provide you with a free demonstration to highlight the functionality and ways to use the platform.

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Academic Research and References

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Other Information

Farmer, Leah and Dr. Boots, Mark (2013). Barriers and Solutions in using M4D: Connecting Directly to Citizens for Scalable Impact.  Voto mobile

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