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engageSpark is a tool enabling launch of automated interactions using interactive voice response, SMS and chat bots.

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Product Description

engageSPARK allows the creation of SMS text and voice call blasts, surveys/polls, IVR, reminders, curriculums, and SMS auto reply campaigns through a web form. According to engageSPARK this data collection software allows a non-technical person to to create their own campaign.

Distributors / Implementing Organizations

Distributed by engageSPARK

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User Provision Model

Users can sign up for free on engageSPARK's website. Once signed up, users can test the platform with the free credits they receive.

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Design Specifications

The Android Relay App turns any android phone into an SMS gateway, and turns a local SIM card into a virtual number. engageSPARK enables users to do: - Voice and SMS Blasts: Send information via SMS Text or Voice Call, immediately or scheduled - Automated calls/ interactive voice response (IVR) - Provide automated hotlines It features Easy-To-Use APIs such as SMS API, Airtime TopUp, Phone Number Validation API, Subscription API, or Voice Results Webhook. It allows a user with little to no technical skills to set up API integrations.

Technical Support

Technical support is provided by engageSPARK, through a live chat tool or by email. Users can also check out the most frequently asked questions about using the platform.

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Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters


Vetted Performance Status

Mercy Corps used the tool to promote financial literacy, and the average use of savings accounts increased by 106% in Zambia. IOM used it as a survey solution for its Aware Migrants project, and the four-day survey (with incentives) had a completion-to-pickup rate of 85%, while the follow up two-day survey (without incentives) had a completion-to-pickup rate of 84%.
Acumen measured the effectiveness of a free Internet campaign in South Africa using engageSPARK and found out that the IVR campaign was essential to raise awareness for free Internet availability.



Complementary Technical Systems


Academic Research and References

R. B. Habaradas and P. A. H. Aure, 2016, Harnessing Technology and Innovation for Social Good: The Case of engageSPARK in the Philippines, ASIALICS conference 2016.

S. J. Iribarren, W. Brown III, R. Giguere, S P.tone, R. Schnall, N. Staggers and A. Carballo-Dieguez, 2017, Scoping Review and Evaluation of SMS/Text Messaging Platforms for mHealth Projects or Clinical Interventions, International journal of medical informatics, 101, pp. 28-40.

Compliance with regulations


Other Information

Several case studies are published on the product website.

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