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The Tryctor is a mini tractor in Nigeria that carries out several farming operations and is capable of being used as a generator.

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Product Description

The Tryctor is a three-wheeled mini tractor adapted from a traditional motorcycle design that provides transport and power for farmers. Various farming implements can be attached as the Tryctor is designed to carry out different farming operations similar to a conventional tractor but on a smaller scale. It also provides a useful means of transportation to convey produce. It was developed in collaboration with the National Centre for Agricultural Mechanization (NCAM) in Nigeria.

Market Suggested Retail Price


Distributors / Implementing Organizations

Bespoke Design Concepts is the operating distributor.

Manufacturing/Building Method

The product is manufactured in Kwara State, Nigeria, with the manufacturer offering custom colours, stencilling and a variety of custom made parts depending on requirements. The component parts are sourced, produced, fabricated and locally assembled.

Intellectural Property Type


User Provision Model

This product is provided directly from the manufacturer. They also target farming cooperatives that normally have better buying power than single farmers.

Distributions to Date Status

7 prototypes have been distributed.

Design Specifications

The Tryctor is a 3-wheel mini tractor, suitable for farming with tyres for rough terrain and a 30-horsepower engine that can be used as a generator. Supplied with a disc plough, harrow and trailer, it performs similarly to a conventional tractor but to a smaller scale. It has a high strength steel chassis, fuel tank with a 15 litre capacity and an efficiency of 6 litres/hectare.

Technical Support

Support is provided by the manufacturer.

Replacement Components

In country repair and replacement available.


The manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty.

Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

The manufacturer aims to provide accessible, multipurpose and affordable mini tractors for the development of Nigeria’s agricultural sector.

Vetted Performance Status

The product has been the result of years of continuous research and development efforts between NCAM (National Centre for Agricultural Mechanization) and Bespoke Design Concepts Limited who developed a series of prototypes before confirming the final design. The tests considered cost and performance in various farming activities.


Driver's negligence represents one of the main hazards during product operation

Complementary Technical Systems

Threshers and plows can be added, along with other tools traditionally attached to tractors and farming utility vehicles.

Academic Research and References

Asoegwu, S., Nwakuba, N. and Ohanyere, S., 2018, “Effective Use of Indigenous Farm Machinery and Implements in Soil Tilling, Planting and Weeding in Nigeria,” Ama, Agricultural Mechanization in Asia, Africa & Latin America, 49(2).

Ezekiel, O., 2018, “Mechanization for Smallholder Farming: an Indispensable tool for Economic Diversification,” Proceedings of Feed the Future Nigeria Agricultural Policy Project, International Food Policy Research Institute, Nigeria.

Compliance with regulations

The product is currently being prototyped. Internal standards have not been cited.

Other Information

Video of Tryctor demonstration at NCAM. As of 2020, the Nigerian government is piloting the solution among farmers.

Comments from the Community

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  1. Guillermo Diaz L says:

    These are both interesting concepts with potential for positive impact on communities but also for improvement of the product. Some comments below.

    Tryctor: As reference, motorcycles converted to “tractors” are being sold from organized companies and local workshops in India, the following comments are base on experience with those products. Farmers are attracted to this option because it can be had for about half the price of a conventional small tractor from a major manufacturer. The motorcycle-tractor will usually be made with a mix of repurposed, widely-available old and new parts in an effort to reduce cost (and the buyer is aware of this). In agricultural usage the motorcycle-tractor will usually underperform against a conventional small tractor in drawbar capabilities and ease-of-use. For Tryctor, it would be useful to show a performance and cost comparison vs. other farming options (e.g. conventional tractor, oxen/horse, power tiller, etc.). Include drawbar pull, turning radius, capital cost, operating cost, and field capacity.

    Motivo HARVEST: A battery bank that can be easily charged from multiple commonly-available sources and can be conveniently transported/interfaced-to-a-tractor is an important differentiator of the product. It may be useful to state the “fuel economy” also in terms of hours at constant, stated wheel-power or PTO-power. A price point of 2.5 times the cost of a conventional, comparable tractor may dissuade many farmers and tractor rental entrepreneurs (who could purchase a bigger fleet of conventional tractors for the same price), especially since there is strong competition in that price range from major manufacturers. If ownership costs are lower (or yearly earnings higher) than a conventional tractor, show that and describe in more detail how a farmer/entrepreneur could finance the purchase (the mentioned “SMS credit” and “Zip Car like system”) better than with existing tractors. Also, discuss the usable lifetime of the product and how it compares to other options available to farmers. Discuss any effects on performance from this conversion to electric (tractive efficiency, turning radius, drawbar pull, ground pressure, etc.).

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