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Rob Goodier

Future-proofing Water Systems in Developing Countries: A Q&A with Susan Davis

February 26, 2015

One hour was not enough time to field your questions from our most popular webinar to date, Future-Proofing Water...

Rob Goodier

Water Forever?

December 17, 2013

Water pumps have broken and failed at a staggering rate in Sub-Saharan Africa, but the right combination of technology,...

Rob Goodier

Why Waste Water?

November 25, 2013

The ways we use water, and waste it, doesn’t make a lot of sense. Developed countries treat too much...


E4C Visualized: Desalination could meet water shortages

May 13, 2013

Less than 4 percent of the water in the world is freshwater. Most of the rest is locked up...

Rob Goodier

Wanted: An easy test for bacteria in drinking water

January 28, 2013

Updated December 13, 2013 This post began as outreach to crowdsource an answer to the question of how to...

Rob Goodier

Packed particle bed filters: A simple solution for pure water

October 23, 2012

Reid Harvey may have hit on the simplest method yet for manufacturing effective ceramic water filters, the packed particle...

Rob Goodier

How to successfully distribute water filters

May 15, 2012

Distribution can be the highest hurdle in technology development in areas where resources are scarce. Convincing people to buy...

Rob Goodier

Ten low-cost ways to treat water

March 11, 2012

Having money helps, but clean water doesn’t have to be expensive. Celebrities like Bill Gates, Matt Damon and, a celebrity to...

Rob Goodier

PVC pipe and chlorine: Cheap and lasting water treatment in Nicaragua

February 26, 2012

Officials in the Matagalpa health ministry in Nicaragua convened late last year to announce that infant deaths to gastrointestinal...

Rob Goodier

A solar water sterilizer takes aim at rural African markets

August 19, 2011

This solar water sterilizer treats 10 liters of water in two or more hours, depending on conditions. The shortage...


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