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Fellow Visionaries

August 15, 2019

Editor’s note: Eye care venture PlenOptika found that contrary to common assumptions, the reason more people in the world...

Fernanda Petrus

EcoSanitation: Trading “Flush and Forget” for “Cycle and Sow”

August 11, 2019

“Flush and forget” or “drop and store” are some of the most common strategies for human waste “treatment” around...

The Conversation

It Will Take a Lot More Than Free Menstrual Pads to End Period Poverty

July 31, 2019

All of those who menstruate, wherever they live, experience challenges when managing their period. These might include a lack...

Rob Goodier

Ancient Stone Canals May Help Modern Day Lima Weather Seasonal Drought

July 25, 2019

Fourteen hundred years ago, a civilization called the Wari built a system of canals to bridge seasonal droughts in...

Rob Goodier

Five Questions for Jim Fruchterman, Who Talks Non-Profits Out of Adopting New Technology

The tropes of a Silicon Valley icon’s backstory glitter throughout Jim Fruchterman’s biography: Elite school dropout, serial venture founder,...

Rob Goodier

The GFCC Report Envisions High-Tech Farms of the Future as a Means of Survival

July 3, 2019

Articles about the future of food and farming have proliferated online for years, including on this site, and they...

Rob Goodier

Wi-Fi? Why Not.

July 1, 2019

Editor’s note: Demand: ASME Global Development Review is shuttering after six years of publishing research, in-depth coverage of the...

Rob Goodier

Ten Social Good Startups with Award Winning Tech

June 26, 2019

Each year, one worldwide event captures a solid showing of some of the most promising social-good startups and the...

Rob Goodier

iShow Kenya’s Demo Videos: Agritech Made in Africa

June 6, 2019

Agricultural technologies swept the competition in Kenya at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Innovation Showcase in May. The...

Rob Goodier

Research Brief: Large-Scale Stove and Water Filter Delivery Is Linked to Improved Children’s Health

June 4, 2019

A new large-scale trial of clean-burning rocket stoves and water filters in the poorest households in Western Province, Rwanda,...


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