November 27, 2013

Architecture, Tools & People

The architect Charles Newman has spent the last several years wandering Central and East Africa building and renovating schools, libraries, kitchens and other structures, often with a camera in hand. He has shared this collection of his photos of architecture and construction, tools, crafts and people from Kenya to Congo.

Newman recently took a position as the Kenya Country Director for the Kounkuey Design Initiative where he works in Kibera, Nairobi’s largest slum. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram via @Afritekt, or read his blog,

Brick Throw | Usalama, Kenya | 2009

Suspiscious Mug | Usalama, Kenya | 2010

Guitar and a Smoke | Usalama, Kenya | 2010

Bottle Cap Paint | Loita, Kenya | 2011

Hammer Weld | Kibwezi Kenya | 2012

Congo – Rwanda | Bukavu, DRC | 2012

Bulletstones | Minova, DRC | 2012

Afri-Deco | Bukavu, DRC | 2012

Afri-Deco 2 | Bukavu, DRC | 2012

Six Square | Cizi, DRC | 2013

Plaster Beam | Walungu, DRC | 2012

Cool-chitecture | Mwenga, DRC | 2013

Fundi Saw | Minova, DRC | 2013

Congo Djembe | DRC | 2013

Jikos | Nairobi, Kenya | 2013


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  1. tommy_sanford2000 says:

    Truly, truly great photos. There is simply so much to see. I like the casting done with chain saw cut lumber, the hammer and the scaffolding, it demonstrates how RESOURCE LESS these places are. Having lived in places like these pictured, your photos bring back nice and not so nice memories. Thanks for a trip to the Congo without ruining my shoes.

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