AI Chat Bot Integration for Learner Support

This project aims to develop an AI-powered slackbot and explore additional AI applications that FreeWorld can utilize for student support.

Project Overview

Project Description

FreeWorld is interested in integrating AI into the services it offers to better support the volume of students it serves. The initial project is to develop an AI-powered slackbot to answer common questions by Free Agents. This project may also involve exploring additional AI applications such as an AI CDL tutor, AI Trucking Career Coach, etc.

Primary responsibilities include:

  • Implementation of an AI slackbot that can detect when a question is asked, and respond with the appropriate answer from help center data.
  • Developing an interface so that new datasets can be uploaded, with the ability to be updated as the program changes.
  • Learning about FreeWorld’s program and suggesting other potential applications for AI.


FreeWorld’s mission is to end generational poverty and recidivism by getting formerly incarcerated people into high-wage jobs to thrive on their own terms.

Eligibility Criteria

Skills / Experience:

  • Required:
    • Back End Programming
    • Front End Programming
    • UI/UX
  • Desired:
    • Familiarity with AI implementation and training (ChatGPT, etc), and potentially familiar with chatbots, Slack, and Typescript.

Software needs:

  • Desired: Programming and AI software


  • Software Engineering or Computer Sciences

Preferred fellow local experience (all projects can be completed remotely):

  • N/A

Preferred timezone (when the Fellow should be available for meetings):

  • CDT (UTC-5)

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  1. ErnestEthan says:

    This project is amazing!

  2. emexxist says:

    A great way to make things easy. Nice Project

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