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Toilet Integration Bus

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The Toilet Integration (TI) Bus is a mobile, one-stop sanitation center for women.

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Product Description

The Toilet Integration (TI) Bus is a mobile smart-enabled sanitation unit with several features to enhance female hygiene. These include toilets, shower cubicles, water-saving taps, a panic button, a digital feedback system, and a female attendant. The unit can be connected to existing urban drainage lines.

Distributors / Implementing Organizations

The bus is produced by 3S India, a div of Saraplast Pvt Ltd Pune,.

Manufacturing/Building Method

The sanitation units are constructed by refurbishing old buses with new toilets, plumbing and cubicles to create the mobile facilities.

Intellectural Property Type

Open Source

User Provision Model

The toilets are stations in popular and highly-trafficked locations and serve as public sanitation facilities for women.

Distributions to Date Status

7 TI Buses

Toilet type

Container-based service

Evacuation method


Storage conditions

Container storage

Capacity (L)


Time until emptying

As-needed collection frequency

Design Specifications

The TI Buses were designed to reduce waste entering the landfill by re-purposing old buses, and to provide hygienic public restrooms for women. The design features include a digital feedback screen to monitor operation, multiple toilet styles, a diaper changing table, and feminine hygiene products available for sale.

Technical Support

Technical support in the form of maintenance and system upgrades is provided by the manufacturer, 3S India.

Replacement Components

Repairs to install replacement components are made by the manufacturer  when general maintenance is performed.



Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

Performance targets include creating safe, clean bathroom facilities for women, and decreasing the environmental impact of said bathrooms by with recycling, low water flows, and solar power.

Vetted Performance Status

The bus was only tested by the manufacturer.


Providing women with a safe space was one of the primary concerns in designing these systems, which are also outfitted with panic buttons to notify authorities in case of a security concern.

Complementary Technical Systems

The sanitation unit is being connected to the existing sewer system in cities to manage the waste produced from the toilets.

Academic Research and References


Compliance with regulations


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