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Atlan Collect

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Website application for survey data collection.

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Product Description

Atlan Collect is an application created by SocialCops, a company that helps execute big data projects.

It is a website application, which allows the management of data through surveys and has the capability to convert to different formats.

Atlan performs its activity in 50 countries across the globe. Its main headquarter is located in Singapore, and it also holds offices in New Delhi and Bengaluru (India), San Francisco (US), and Nairobi (Kenya).

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Manufacturing/Building Method


Intellectural Property Type

Patent Protected

User Provision Model

The application can be downloaded through the manufacturer's website on a computer, and through Google Play for their mobile app.

Distributions to Date Status

The application is used in more than 200 companies from multiple sectors, including: academic, nonprofit, market research, engineering and construction, government, and others.

Design Specifications

Data collection is first initiated by creating a form via the web interface and the responses can be collected via the mobile app. Data can be collected in the field without internet or mobile connectivity. Once it is connected, the data is synced and can be viewed on the collect web dashboard. Atlan Collect is compatible with other tools, including: Google Sheets, Power BI, Klipfolio, Zapier, and Tableau.

Technical Support

Technical support is provided by contacting the manufacturer at hello@atlan.com  

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Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

To provide a feasible way to collect, transform, and analyze data to a multidisciplinary range of people.

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