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SurveyCTO is a technology platform that helps the users collect data using mobile phones, tablets, or computers. According to SurveyCTO's webpage the user can 

Product Description

SurveyCTO is developed from the Open Data Kit open source platform with a simplified server and user interface. Additionally it offers additional data security and auditing features. Some of the improvements that Survey CTO claims are listed here and include hosting, documentation, and support, in order to increase its reach, usability, and power.

The tool consists of (1)SurveyCTO Server which hosts all survey forms, (2)SurveyCTO Collect which collects data through a mobile data collection app, and (3)SurveyCTO Client. SurveyCTO claims to distinguish itself among the competitors because of its extra security and encryption mechanism, and its random audio audit which randomly records surveys as they are being conducted to ensure high quality data collection.

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SurveyCTO is a product of Dobility, Inc.

Manufacturing/Building Method

SurveyCTO is based on Open Data Kit (ODK), an open source platform for data collection.

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User Provision Model

Users can access the product by signing up on SurveyCTO. SurveyCTO Collect is available on Android.

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Design Specifications

SurveyCTO includes these primary components: - SurveyCTO Server: a central repository for both blank and filled-in survey forms and a website to assist you in designing and managing your surveys. It also provides a universal web interface for users filling out forms online. - SurveyCTO Collect: an Android app that data-collectors use to fill out forms on their Android phones or tablets. After data has been collected, it is uploaded to the SurveyCTO server (or, for more advanced offline set-ups, synchronized over local wi-fi networks). - SurveyCTO Sync: a desktop application that you can use to safely download, transport, export, and process your data. It also handles data decryption – including on cold-room computers for the most sensitive data. SurveyCTO has been integrated with a number of platforms based on the needs of the users, including Google Earth, Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Stata, Salesforce.

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Review made by Kopernik available online.

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