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Prefabricated Engineered Bamboo Panels

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Prefabricated Engineered Bamboo Panels are a construction system based on treated bamboo used in composite panels.

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Product Description

Prefabricated Engineered Bamboo Panels are made using laminated bamboo panels that are glued together, composites made with chips and slivers, and added material (similar to plywood), particle board, fiber board and mat board. These panels can be used as walls, roof or flooring material. There are also door or window panels. There is a wide array of panels depending on the purpose, varying in mechanical properties, size, or shape.

Manufacturing/Building Method

The panels are produced in a facility and then delivered to the construction site, where they are assembled.

Intellectural Property Type


User Provision Model

Users obtain the product directly from the manufacturer or through a general contractor.

Distributions to Date Status


Unit dimensions (cm)


Primary materials


Complimentary materials


Fire Resistance (hr)

Thermal Insulation Capacity

Bamboo has a slightly lower thermal insulation capacity than wood.

Compressive Strength (MPa)

Depending on the bamboo species, the compression strength is between 40 and 80 N/mm2. This is higher than wood, brick, or concrete. This varies depending on the panel.

Design Specifications

Prefabricated engineered bamboo panels come in various sizes and shapes. The bamboo products are available as glue-laminated panels, composites, particle board, fibre board and mat board. The process to make each type vary slightly, and so do their mechanical properties.

Technical Support

Technical support would be provided by the manufacturer, distributor, or a general contractor.

Replacement Components

Depends on the type of panel. In some, bamboo strips could be replaced or patched with filling. The complete panel could be replaced if needed.


Varies depending on type of panel and chemical treatment.

Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

Prefabricated engineered bamboo panels offer good mechanical properties, accessibility, sustainability, and versatility.


Workers are subject to the general risks of working from heights and with tools.

Complementary Technical Systems


Academic Research and References

Santos, H. F. A., 2015, Thermo-hydro-mechanically modified cross-laminated Guadua-bamboo panels, University of Bath.

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Compliance with regulations

It depends on the specific panel. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has a code (ISO 22156) for Bamboo Structural Design, including bamboo panels.

Other Information

The bamboo must be engineered to extend its life expectancy. Untreated bamboo has an average durability of less than two years.

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