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Claphijo Enterprises Solar Dryer

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Calphijo Enterprises Solar Dryer is a fruit and vegetable dryer used during post harvest stage.

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Product Description

Claphijo Enterprises Solar Dryer is a fruit and vegetable dryer completely powered by solar energy. The system uses heat of the sun to reduce the moisture content of a product (fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, fish), while drying causes minimum damage to the product.The solar dryer aims to improve food security in Tanzania. The solar dryer comes with two pots, is easily portable, and is made from local wood, a plastic sheet and wire mesh.

Market Suggested Retail Price


Distributors / Implementing Organizations

Claphijo Enterprises distributes the solar dryers. The company tested prototypes in three villages and trained farmer groups on how to use the drier.

Manufacturing/Building Method

Manufactured on a per-demand basis.

Intellectural Property Type

Open Source

User Provision Model

The sun dryer can be purchased from Claphijo Enterprises.

Distributions to Date Status

Distribution started two years ago and to date, Claphijo Enterprises have sold more than 15 driers.Interview with manufacturer About 350 farmers have been engaged to date.

Drying capacity (lbs/m³)


Drying duration (hr)

2-3 days for the food to dry, depending on the sun.

Load capacity (m³)


Operating temperature range (°C)

Temperature control


Number of trays

~24 depending on design


Materials of construction

Wood and plastic mesh

Design Specifications

Easily portable, weighs 9.5 kg. Constructed with local wood, a plastic sheet and wire mesh.

Technical Support

Technical assistance is provided by Claphijo Enterprises.Interview with manufacturer

Replacement Components

Replacement is provided if need arises.Interview with manufacturer


Lifetime is up to 10 years.Interview with manufacturer

Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

The oven is able to heat up to over 220°C. The solar dryer can reduce the moisture content of a product from more than 60% to less than 10%.Interview with manufacturer Depending on the sun, it takes two to three days for the food to dry.

Vetted Performance Status



Some low burn risk from handling hot trays.

Complementary Technical Systems

The solar drier comes with two pots.

Academic Research and References

Claphijo Enterprise partners with the University of Agriculture, Tanzania for its support in the testing and analysis of its solar drier.

Compliance with regulations


Other Information


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