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SAECSA Solar Food Dryer

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The SAECSA Solar Food Dryer is a solar powered drying chamber that can be used to dry and preserve fruits, vegetables and grains.

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Product Description

The SAECSA Solar Food Dryer is a solar-powered drying chamber that can be used to dry and preserve fruits, vegetables and grains. It has 8 racks where food can be placed with a maximum capacity of 10 kgs per batch.

Target SDGs

SDG 2: Zero Hunger

SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy

Market Suggested Retail Price


Target Users (Target Impact Group)

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Distributors / Implementing Organizations


Manufacturing/Building Method

SAECSA have a photovoltaic module production line in Mexico with a production capacity of 60,000 modules per year. The Solar Food Hydrator is made-to-order and can be customised by contacting the manufacturer.

Intellectural Property Type


User Provision Model

Users can request a quote directly from the manufacturer.

Distributions to Date Status

Since commercialization in 2013, the company has sold 900 basic solar food dryers. Interview with representative

Drying capacity (lbs/m³)

31.75 lbs/m³

Drying duration (hr)

6-8 hr

Load capacity (m³)

0.69 m³

Operating temperature range (°C)

Up to 70 °C

Temperature control


Number of trays


Materials of construction

Stainless steel 304 food grade

Design Specifications

The dryer has a solar collector, metal frame, and a chamber to place the food on racks. It requires an area of 11 m2 for installation. The main source of energy is sunlight (some food dryers have a gas backup system) which is captured by the 1.3 m2 collector and transmitted to the drying chamber through a coil which contains 60% water and 40% anti-freeze. The water vapor from the product (fruits, vegetables, grains, etc.) builds up internal pressure in the chamber which is regulated through a valve to warm up the pulp initially. The stainless steel chamber has a 10 kg to 20 kg daily drying capacity, a metal support, exhaust valve, and a thermostat.

Product Schematics

Technical Support

Provided by the manufacturer, through specialized technicians. Interview with representative

Replacement Components

SAECSA offers replacement components as part of their service. Interview with representative


According to the manufacturer the product lasts between 15 to 20 years. They offer a 5 year warranty on the product. Interview with manufacturer

Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

The company aims to reduce, replace or eliminate the use of conventional generators by offering a more affordable, eco-friendly alternative.

Vetted Performance Status

Testing performed by the manufacturer determined a power consumption of 40 W, however, no third-party testing has been completed.


Potential hazards related to the operation of this product include accidental burning when handling hot trays.

Complementary Technical Systems

The company offers courses on solar thermal energy for clients to understand better how the systems work. Interview with manufacturer

Academic Research and References


Compliance with regulations

The chamber is made of 304 stainless steel, suitable for food applications.

Other Information

Other solar-powered products can be found on SAECSA's website. This video shows the Basic Plus model. There are two types of solar food dryer: the basic unit costs ~2990 USD; the model that includes a backup gas system (to assist on cloudy days) costs ~3822 USD.Interview with representative on 6/13/2017 Production line in Mexico Company Contact  

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