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CoSense ETCO Monitor

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The CoSense® ETCO Monitor uses Sensalyze Technology which automates non-invasive detection of infant's blood pressure through the breath.

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Product Description

The CoSense® ETCO Monitor uses Sensalyze Technology which uses a small tube to collect the breath sample to be fed into the monitor to project the reading. The device works with normal breathing and takes 30 seconds to record. The monitor displays the results in 3-4 minutes.

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Design Specifications

The CoSense® ETCO Monitor uses Sensalyze Technology which enables the health practitioners to examine the blood pressure of an infant using non-invasive procedure. The device uses a breath sample as the patient breathes normally (typically in about 30 seconds). Once the monitor obtains a breath sample, the Precision Sampling Set can be removed from the patient. The monitor displays the results in about three to four minutes.

Technical Support

Provided by manufacturer

Replacement Components

Replaceable components include the battery.



Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

The designer specified performance targets include portable, accurate, and accessible with a non-invasive procedure.


Users must take appropriate precautions when collecting the breath sample suing tubing in the nostrils.

Complementary Technical Systems

A reliable power source is required for the operation of the monitor.

Academic Research and References

Amin, R. S., Carroll, J. L., Jeffries, J. L., Grone, C., Bean, J. A., Chini, B., … & Daniels, S. R. (2004). Twenty-four–hour ambulatory blood pressure in children with sleep-disordered breathingAmerican journal of respiratory and critical care medicine169(8), 950-956.

Ramsey, M. (1991). Blood pressure monitoring: automated oscillometric devices. Journal of clinical monitoring7(1), 56-67.

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