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Fundación Capital [Finance Education]

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A collection of mobile applications focusing on finance education by Fundación Capital.

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Product Description

This report contains a compilation of applications in the area of finance education. The applications were designed by Fundación Capital, a nonprofit social enterprise. The main scope of the projects is to to improve the financial lives of people living in poverty around the world. The nonprofit works together with governments and the private sector.

This report features information on a subset of apps designed and deployed by Fundación Capital related to finance education. Find information on each below:

  • LISTA express: App designed to develop financial skills in a playful way. Features stories, videos, exercises and simulators, presented in 6 modules related to different topics on personal development and household finances;
  • Tu Ahorro: An application thought to help in savings management, by implementing and tracking financial goals;
  • DinDin Quiz: A quiz-based application, designed to educate through a series of tailored questions and answers;
  • Tuiio por Salud Financera: App designed to develop financial skills through gamification. Presents 3 learning modules on personal development and household finances.


Distributors / Implementing Organizations

A list of primary founders can be consulted here. Each project presents a comprehensive report featuring, among other information, the partners and implementing organizations. To see the report, navigate the map to see the available products in each country and the above mentioned information.

Manufacturing/Building Method

Software development

Intellectural Property Type

Open Source

User Provision Model

Free download

Distributions to Date Status

  • LISTA express: +10000 installations
  • Tu Ahorro: +5000 installations
  • DinDin Quiz: +1000 installations
  • Tuiio por Salud Financera: +10000 installations

Design Specifications

Fundación Capital conducts research to develop digital solutions in an effort to promote financial inclusion. The apps provide a range of features designed to provide practical information on:

  • savings
  • how to insure and risk management
  • how to budget (managing household finances)
  • responsible debt
  • personal and family care
  • community work
The App also shares tips on managing household finances and provides an opportunity to learn about financial products. In addition, it contains simulators that enable practice using ATMs and a savings goal calculator.

Technical Support

LISTA Express provides training to the users. They are also diagnosed in Financial Health and an email is sent according to the answers given in exercises. In the end of the training a diploma is issued. The app also features simulators to practice using ATMs. General support can be asked for here.

Replacement Components




Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

To reach a worldwide population with limited access to education

Vetted Performance Status

Through the use of LISTA Express, users reported being successful in:

  • managing their accounts
  • improving the profit in their businesses
  • achieving personal finance goals


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Complementary Technical Systems


Academic Research and References


Compliance with regulations

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