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Maramoja is a mobile application that connects commuters to drivers in urban areas.

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Product Description

Maramoja is an online application that was designed for passengers to order an affordable taxi online from a user-curated list of trusted drivers via Android and web app.

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User Provision Model

Users can order a taxi from Maramoja application from Google Play Store or through the web app

Distributions to Date Status

50,000+ application installations

Design Specifications

The app is designed to allow a customer to specify the destination, choose a vehicle, and request a ride. It is customized to receive payments via several platforms including mobile money, credit, cash, and corporate invoicing. The app also determines the location of the client, routes to the closest user-curated drivers available, and allows the rider to rate their trip with the driver.

Technical Support

Maramoja provides 24/7 customer support via phone and email.  

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Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

Maramoja aims to solve three fundamental problems: allowing users to get a nearby taxi, having a driver they can trust, and giving the luxury of a private driver at a taxi price.

Vetted Performance Status

User experiences can be viewed here.


Maramoja application provides in-app ride tracking to ascertain customers' safety. It also provides room for a customer to rate a driver and use this information to train drivers. Currently, the manufacturer is working on including an option for customers to report accidents.

Complementary Technical Systems

Periodic updates to the app so as to improve the drivers' and rider's experience.  

Academic Research and References

Onyango, J. J., 2016, E-hailing Applications Adoption and Competitiveness of App-based Taxi Operators in Nairobi Kenya, University of Nairobi

Bistaffa, F., Blum, C., Cerquides, J., Rodriguez-Aguilar, J.,2018, A Simulation Tool for Large-Scale Online Ridesharing,  AAMAS 2018. 

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Compliance with regulations

All drivers have to be checked and licensed before they are added onto the platform and vehicles must be licensed to operate on the platform.

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