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mWater Surveyor App

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mWater is an application to map water sources and sanitation facilities.

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Product Description

The mWater Explorer Mobile App allows users to map water sources and sanitation facilities and report functionality, water quality, or sanitary inspection reports using standard forms. The App allows the user to test a water source, take a picture of the results, and upload them to an online database for other users to see and use. The app uses GPS to show the location of the uploaded information, and broadcasts it onto a global map available within the application itself.

The mWater App is integrated with the mWater test kit – a single-use water quality test kit.

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Manufacturing/Building Method


Intellectural Property Type

Open Source

User Provision Model

The mWater Explorer App is available for free in a browser versionAndroid version and iOS version. Users can request custom services.

Distributions to Date Status

Over 40,000 mWater free users worldwide

Design Specifications

The mWater Explorer App is a lightweight app that allows users to upload data such as photos of water quality tests (5 MP autofocus camera minimum) via standard forms that can be linked to water points or sanitation facilities using their phone’s GPS to identify the exact location. The data are mapped and stored in the mWater cloud-based global water database. mWater Explorer surveys meet international standards for monitoring water points and sanitation facilities. The data are compatible with many water quality tests, with the WPDx registry, and with the sub-targets for Sustainable Development Goal 6. Users are able to decide how much data to share; water points and updates can be public or private. The app has a 'plug-and-play interface', so users can download the app, make an account, and begin entering data. In general, Android phones need to run version 4.4 or newer. mWater provides a Knowledge Base which includes review of various devices for use with the mWater app for mobile data collection. [caption id="attachment_16562" align="alignnone" width="300"] mWater Explorer App -- installations and use procedure[/caption]

Technical Support

mWater provides a training guide and troubleshooting tips for users

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Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

The mWater Explorer Mobile App: • works online, offline, or on poor quality internet connections • displays the geographic location of user entered sites • allows users to view the complete history of public updates at a particular site, or add their own update • view mapped data as a visual map or a list of sites ordered by nearness to the user

Vetted Performance Status

mWater holds the world biggest open source WASH portal, working with over 7000 NGOs, different government agencies, communities, and researchers actively using the platform in 59 countries. On average, 20,000 surveys are submitted per month.



Complementary Technical Systems

mWater's testing kits and software application are complimentary to each other.

Academic Research and References


Compliance with regulations

mWater Explorer surveys meet international standards for monitoring water points and sanitation facilities. The data are compatible with many water quality tests and with the WPDx registry.

Other Information

This app also has a web portal

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