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mWater Field Test Kit

mWater Field Test Kit is a water testing kit designed to detect E.coli, coliform bacteria, nitrate/nitrite, and chlorine residual.

Developed By
  1. mWater
Tested By
  • WaterAid
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Product Description

mWater Test Kit is a single-use water quality test kit designed to detect E. coli, coliform bacteria, nitrate/nitrite, and chlorine residual without the need for a power supply. The kit is manufactured and distributed by mWater. It is designed for community health workers, NGO’s, and people who do not have access to laboratories or incubators.

Target SDGs

SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

SDG 3: Good Health and Well-Being

Market Suggested Retail Price


Target Users (Target Impact Group)

Public Sector Agencies, NGOs

Distributors / Implementing Organizations

This product has been implemented by several humanitarian organizations like USAID DIV, The World Bank Innovation Fund, Water.org, WaterAid International, WaterAid Australia, Millennium Water Alliance, The Water Trust, charity: water, The Water Project, Riverkeeper, Earth Echo, Safe Water Network, UNC Water Institute, Ugandan Water Project, Water4.org, Drink Local Drink Tap, Wine to Water, Haiti Outreach, UNICEF, WHO, Water4, MSF, GAIN, and UN-HABITAT.

Competitive Landscape

Manufacturing/Building Method


Intellectural Property Type

Trade Secret

User Provision Model

This product is available for purchase from mWater and also through partner humanitarian organizations .

Distributions to Date Status

As of 2020, this product had over +40,000 active users (including NGOs, government, and researchers).

Test types included

E. coli, coliform bacteria, nitrate/nitrite, chlorine residual

Equipment included

Bags, petri dishes, color comparison charts

Tests per kit

20 tests per kit

Detection range

Nitrate: 0 – 50 ppm; nitrite 0 – 10 ppm; chlorine residual 0 – 5 ppm; E. coli: absent or present

Processing time for one sample (hr)

24 hours for E.Coli and Total Coliform

60 seconds for Nitrate and Nitrite

25 seconds for residual Chlorine

Additional materials required

Safety equipment

Power required (yes/no)


Complete kit weight (kg)


Design Specifications

mWater test kits are simple and portable water testing kits utilized for testing a variety of water parameters such as E. coli 1 mL and 100 mL, coliform bacteria, nitrate/nitrite, and residual chlorine. The tests are designed to be easily used and operated, without the need for a full-fledged laboratory and just at room temperature. All the materials in the test kit are pre-sterilized and are discarded after one-time use. Overall the Kit contains a whirl pak- standup bag with a HiMedia Ecoli reagent, Nissui compact dry EC plate with a gel reagent, and ITS waterworks test strips. For the bacterial confirmation test, users can either use the stand-up bag or the dry EC plate to detect the presence or absence of E.Coli. Similarly, ITS waterworks test strips are used for detection of Nitrate up to (0-50 mg/L), Nitrite up to (0-10 mg/L), and residual chlorine up to (0-5 mg/L). The results are calculated within a few seconds for Nitrate, Nitrite, and residual chlorine i.e. after 60 and 25 seconds. Whereas for the bacterial tests, results are obtained after 24 hours. Detailed instructions are available on the company’s website.

Product Schematics

Technical Support

Manual and guides are provided by the manufacturer.

Replacement Components



Single-use product (disposal guidance unknown)

Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

This water test kit was designed to be used without the need for any laboratory or extra equipment like an incubator. Moreover, it was designed in a way that anyone without prior knowledge of water testing could also use it.

Vetted Performance Status

Since 2014, mWater services have been used by WaterAid, with more than 1,700 users and an increasing number of partners adopting it independently. Some examples of mWater’s use through WaterAid programs are Rwanda school baseline, Mozambique Post Implementation Monitoring Surveys, and Bugesera district water services monitoring.



Complementary Technical Systems

Users can use the mWater mobile app as a complementary system for this product to map water sources.

Academic Research and References

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Compliance with regulations

The kit’s testing levels comply with World Health Organization guidelines for safe drinking water.

Evaluation methods

User testing with surveys.

Other Information

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