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NetBeat is an irrigation and fertigation management system that integrates monitoring, analysis, and automation into a single platform and allows for remote management.

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Product Description

NetBeatTM is an irrigation and fertigation management system that integrates monitoring, analysis, and automation into a single platform. It combines sensing, monitoring, analysis, and decision support, as well as automation and control both onsite and remotely via a smartphone.

Distributors / Implementing Organizations

Manufacturing/Building Method

This product is mass-produced by Netafim.

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User Provision Model

NetBeat can be acquired directly from Netafim's website.

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Design Specifications

NetBeat is an automated irrigation system that monitors crops and the environment, then uses a cloud-based system to determine the irrigation and fertigation schedule and effect that automatically. It is controlled on-site or remotely using a computer or smartphone It consists of a Main Control Unit (MCU) and Remote Terminal Units (RTU) that collect information and relay it back to the MCU over wired or wireless connections. It utilizes a system of sensors placed on the ground and on the plants and combines this with external information on climate and satellite photographs. This information is sent to a cloud system that determines when the plants need to be irrigated, based on various pre-stored models for each specific crop, and automatically opens the valves in the fields. The sensors that are integrated with the system include soil sensors, plant sensors, and hydraulic sensors.

Technical Support

Provided by the manufacturer. Users can also do basic maintenance on their own following the video guidelines in Netafim's YouTube channel.

Replacement Components

Replacement components include all MCU and RTU components.



Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

According to Netafim, NetBeat aims to:

  • Provide real time insights on soil moisture, weather conditions and crop status.
  • Enable farmers to deliver precise amounts of water and fertilizers to crops.
  • Enable automated irrigation and fertigation based on predefined programs, sensor based trigger or cloud based crop models.
  • Support farmers with more than 50 years of irrigation and nutrigation expertise and agronomical know-how from Netafim.

Vetted Performance Status



Potential hazards related to the operation of this product include:

  • Improper usage, handling, and disposing of lead-acid batteries may lead to injury or fire.
  • Exposure to radiofrequency fields beyond the FCC rules for human exposure may occur near antennas.
  • NetRTU installations can attract lightning discharge, hence the need for a lightning arrester.
  • Users may be exposed to hazards that come with working at heights during the installation of NetRTU.
  • Installing the NetRTU's near overhead power lines can lead to electrocution.

Complementary Technical Systems

The manufacturer also sells a solar panel for outdoor powering of the Remote Terminal Units.

Academic Research and References


Compliance with regulations

NetBeat System components complies with all the Local RF regulations, Cellular Regulations and meets the following specific regulations: CE, FCC/CSA, UL, ROHS, EMC.

Other Information

Netafim also offers a wide range of irrigation tools and equipment such as drippers and drip lines, sprinklers, filters, valves, pipes, connectors, and information on growing different types of crops.

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