Loop Tech Inc.

Loop is an app that aggregates a farmer’s produce to be taken to suitable markets and enables payment of farmers and transporters.

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Loop is a mobile application launched by Digital Green in India’s Bihar state in August 2015 to improve smallholder farmers access to markets. Farmers produce is aggregated and taken to best suitable market. Transporters and farmers are paid the amount through the loop system. Under Loop, farmers sell their produce through village level agricultural extension workers, who function as aggregators. The aggregators reach out to fellow farmers to raise awareness about Loop and its operations, recruit farmers to participate and operate Loop’s collection, and transport and sales transactions.

The mobile application enables the aggregators to record collections, sales, transportation type and costs, and traders details in the form of a digital ledger and sends the farmers receipts by text message when sales are completed.

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Digital Green

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Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth

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Loop was designed for farmers in India to help them find suitable markets to sell their produce.

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