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Peepoo Collection System

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The Peepoo Collection System is a waste-management service for urban sanitation.

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Product Description

The Peepoo collection system is an enterprise based solution ideally serving 20,000+ users. The enterprise is an operating at a drop-point staffed by service operators that collect used Peepoos in the local community or immediate neighborhood. A refund is paid for each used Peepoo that is delivered. The Peepoos are collected and transported daily to a temporary storage area where they are safely kept and processed into usable fertilizer and sold to farmers.

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Distributors / Implementing Organizations

Peepoople Kenya (a registered NGO in Kenya) is piloting the collection services in Kibera Kenya under the Pee Poople project. The pilot that began in 2010 in partnership with the Chief, Chairman, and Elders of the Silanga Village in Kibera and has been financed by Swedish Vinnova and Dutch Simavi funds for the first three years.Interview with representative

Manufacturing/Building Method

This is a collection service based model. The distributed product, the Peepoo bags, are mass-produced in Sweden.

Intellectural Property Type

Trade Secret

User Provision Model

Users can access the service by bringing their used Peepoos to drop-points in their local community or immediate neighborhood, which are staffed by service operators. The drop-points are open daily and are centrally located. In Kibera, a designed van also moves around the slum picking up bales containing used Peepoos.

Distributions to Date Status

The Peepoo collection service is currently operating in the Silanga village in the Kibera slum in Nairobi Kenya and supplies sanitation on a daily basis to 20 000 urban slum dwellers and school children. Farmers who utilize the fertilizer are receiving it for free from Pee Poople. As of April 2015, 67 farmers are on the waitlist for the fertilizer.

Toilet type

Container-based service

Evacuation method


Storage conditions

Container storage

Capacity (L)


Time until emptying

Collection frequency at user discretion

Design Specifications

The Peepoo collection system is comprised on a drop-point staffed by service operators that collect used Peepoos and is open daily. Used Peepoos are brought by customers who receive a refund for each used Peepoo that is delivered. The value of the refund is approximately 1/3 of the Peepoo purchase price (~$0.01 USD). The Peepoos are collected in woven polypropylene flexible containers (Big or Jumbo bags) which have a tube liner to ensure no leakage occurs and are held in place by a movable rack. When one bag is filled, it is closed and a new one is opened. Full Big or Jumbo bags are transported daily to a temporary storage area where they are safely kept for 4 weeks until they are fully sanitized and processed into usable fertilizer. Regular control of the internal temperature of the stored bags is performed. When fully sanitized, used Peepoos are brought to a nearby area were they are discharged through the base of the Big or Jumbo bags. The Peepoos are disintegrated mechanically, which releases the sanitized excreta for further processing, such as mixing with sand and clay into fertilized soil that can be sold.

Technical Support


Replacement Components

Big or Jumbo bags are provided by Peepoople Kenya


This service lasts as long as its payment.

Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

PeePoople Kenya estimates the project will generate approximately 4,000 tonnes of pathogen-free fertilizer.

Vetted Performance Status

The used Peepoos offer a safe nutrient for rural or urban farming. Peepoople Kenya was registered and incorporated as an NGO in Kenya. The Peepoople Kenya team is working in a very close relationship with the Silanga Chief, Chairman and Elders of the community in planning and implementing the Peepoo solution.



Complementary Technical Systems

Simple hand washing equipment is offered free of charge at each drop-point to ensure safe handling of waste.

Academic Research and References

study by Department of Energy and Technology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences developed the single use, self-sanitizing, biodegradable toilet (Peepoo bag) and tested it for smell, biodegradability and hygiene aspects. Pathogen inactivation modelling of the 4 grams of urea present in the bag indicated that appropriate sanitation of faecal material collected is achieved in the bag within 2– 4 weeks, after which the bag can be degraded and reused as fertilizer.

Compliance with regulations

Peepoo fertilizer meets NEMA microbiological quality guidelines for waste water use in irrigation. Peepoos meet WHO requirements for safe sanitation.

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