Retrofitting of Existing Vulnerable School Buildings – Assessment and Retrofitting – Part I

Save the Children

This manual outlines methods of post-earthquake damage assessment and provides guidance for the structural retrofitting of schools.

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This manual seeks to support a culture of safer school construction and to reduce the risk of catastrophic failure for spaces of education and refuge. In addition to outlining methods of post-earthquake damage assessment, the document provides guidance for the structural and non-structural retrofitting of schools.  Diagrams illustrate reinforced concrete details, steel connections, and corrective measures for cracks in walls and other components. Methods are informed by experiences and practices in Indonesia.

This Part I appears to be an earlier version of Part II.

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This book has been developed by Save the Children, Construction Quality & Technical Assistance (CQTA) in collaboration with Center for Disaster Mitigation – Institute of Technology Bandung (CDM-ITB).

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