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SCODE SP-FL Concrete Body

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The SCODE SP-FL Concrete Body is a non-portable micro gasifier cookstove that uses an integrated low power fan to obtain a smokeless combustion process.

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Product Description

The SCODE SP-FL Concrete Body is a non-portable micro gasifier stove with a Whytheat K refractory chamber developed by Sustainable Community Development Services (SCODE). The stove uses a low power fan to burn any kind of biomass smokelessly.


Market Suggested Retail Price


Distributors / Implementing Organizations

Manufacturing/Building Method

The SCODE SP-FL Concrete Body is mass produced with SCODE´s input and is manufactured in regard to specifications provided by the Kenyan Bureau of Standards. SCODE’s warehouse in Nakuru fabricates the metal casing for the stoves whilst the ceramic components are sourced from Muranga. Per month the warehouse has a production capacity of 600 cookstoves.

Intellectural Property Type


User Provision Model

Users can obtain the product directly from the manufacturers or through retailers, commision and awareness agents.

Distributions to Date Status

Exact number unknown. However, SCODE has distributed more than 50,000 cookstoves since 2013 between their different models.

Fuel type

Charcoal, coal, crop residues, dung, wood

Pot type

Flat bottom and round bottom

Thermal efficiency (%)


PM emissions (g/MJ delivered to pot)


CO emissions (g/MJ delivered to pot)


Time to boil (min/L)

Cold start: 23.0
Hot start: 11.67

Design Specifications

The SCODE SP-Fl Concrete Body is a non-portable side feed forced draft micro gasifier cookstove and it's design is composed of a Whytheat K refractory cement combustion chamber and a 32 cfm low power fan with a regulator. Specifications: Maximum Pot Capacity: 40 L Dimmensions (l/w/h): 360/300/240 mm

Technical Support

Provided by SCODE or local trained builders.

Replacement Components



Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

Manufacturers specify multiple fuel usage, low consuming fan, savings up to 50% of fuelwood, reduction by 60% of smoke emmissions, easy to light, faster cooking than normal stoves and is long lasting as their performance targets.    

Vetted Performance Status



The safety concerns associated with the usage of wood-burning cookstoves are primarily related with carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide emissions. Another significant safety concern is domestic accidents such as accidental burning or spill-overs.

Complementary Technical Systems

Due to the fact that the SCODE SP-FL requires a low power fan to assist with the combustion, an external power source is required. A solar panel or any other source of electricity can be installed to power the fan.

Academic Research and References

(2017). Advanced Biomass Cookstove Distribution. USAID & Winrock International

Johnson, O., Wanjiry, H., Muhoza, C., Lambe, F., Jürisoo, M., Amatayakul, W., & Chanevoy, A. (2015) From Theory to Practice of Change: Lessons from SNV’s Improved Cookstoves and Fuel Projects in Cambodia, Kenya, Nepal and Rwanda. Stockholm Environment Institute

Compliance with regulations

Complies with the following cookstoves rating for the International Workshop Agreements as a streamlined process of the International Organization for Standarization (ISO) Tier 2 for efficiency.

Other Information

SCODE has two key programmes: Renewable energy technologies programme; and Sustainable Land Use Management. Apart from their work in cookstoves production they also promote the implementation of Biogas/Bio-latrines and solar (PV and Thermal) energy.  

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