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Created on October 13, 2020

Solar PV Rice Huller

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A solar-powered rice huller kit consisting of a DC motorized rice huller, a solar PV module, 2 LED tube lights, 12 V lighter socket outlet, and a mobile phone charger kit.

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Product Description

The Solar PV Rice Huller kit, manufactured by Project Support Services (PSS) is a DC motorized agro-processing appliance energized through a PV module.  The kit has been designed for rural rice farmers that want to step-out from subsistence production.

The system’s modularity allows adding more PV modules to increase production from 60 kg/day up to 300 kg/day. Additionally, the rice huller can be complemented with a rice polisher without buying new components. The kit also provides access to energy for other uses, including 2 LED tube lights, 12 V lighter socket outlets, and a mobile phone charger kit.

Project Support Services designs and manufactures DC solar powered agro-processing appliances which have been implemented in Papua New Guinea, the Pacific Islands.

Target SDGs

SDG 2: Zero Hunger

SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy

Market Suggested Retail Price


Target Users (Target Impact Group)

Household, Community

Distributors / Implementing Organizations

Village Infrastructure Angels (VIA), AgSol

Manufacturing/Building Method

Since 2010, this product has been manufactured in China by PSS at its logistics and supply facility near Shenzen, Hong Kong.

Intellectural Property Type

Select Type

User Provision Model

Users can obtain this product through the manufacturer's partners VIA, AgSol, and the Papua New Guinea-Australia Fund.

Distributions to Date Status


Feedstock types

Paddy rice

Feedstock rate (kg/hr)

45 – 50 kg/hr

Power source


Energy requirement (W)

550 W

Portable or stationary


Design Specifications

The Solar PV Rice Huller Kit is composed of the PSS Power Platform, an adaptable power unit capable of running multiple machines and devices. The platform contains the Smart Solar Control Box, which has high amp 24V outlets to power milling machines, clean water supply, small businesses, or a mini-grid. It also has low amp 12V outputs for lights, phone chargers, and small appliances. The basic unit can produce 60 kg of brown rice per day, but adding up to 5 solar panels this production can increase up to 300 kg/day. It can also be added to a rice polisher machine by plugging it into the Power Platform. The package includes 2 LED lube lights, a 12V lighter socket outlet, and a mobile phone charging kit. Additional LED lights and cables can also be added.

Product Schematics

Technical Support

This product is designed such that the replacement components are available in local stores. When this is not possible, replacement components are provided by the manufacturer.

Replacement Components

Battery replacement every 2 - 5 years Rubber rollers replacement every 6 months DC brushers every 2 - 5 years


5 - 10 years

Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

With this product, the company aims to address two issues:

  • Reducing the time and energy that people from poor communities spend in processing essential food crops, especially women and children.
  • Improve the access to clean and affordable energy for rural, off-grid communities in developing countries, allowing them to access to household lightning and power, clean water systems, refrigeration, communication equipment, and more.

Vetted Performance Status



Users should be aware to properly handle the electric components of the system. Additionally, batteries should not be opened, and in case of failure or misfunctioning of one of its components, it is recommended to contact the provider.

Complementary Technical Systems

This system can be complemented with the PSS Rice Polisher, additional PV modules to increase output, additional LED lights, and cables for phone and small appliances charging.

Academic Research and References


Compliance with regulations


Other Information

A video of the rice huller working can be found here. Village Infrastructure Angels (VIA), AgSol and Papua New Guinea-Australia Fund are the partners distributing the product. Rice farmers and farmer cooperatives in off-grid rural locations are targeted.  

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