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SOMATOINFRA Diagnostic System

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Infrared imager for medical use in disaster medicine in developing countries.

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Product Description

SOMATOINFRA is a non-invasive technology that captures high-speed, dynamic, real-time images of functional life processes. The system collects and visualizes electromagnetic radiation data (human radiation) in order to illustrate high-speed human metabolic life processes. The system consists of an infrared detector and laptop computer or iPad that in total weighs 4 kg.

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Design Specifications

The Somatoinfra Diagnostic System consists of

  1. A portable infrared detector which can optionally be worn on the head of the Doctor/Operator
  2. Laptop computer or IPAD with SOMATOINFRA Software loaded.
When a patient is scanned with the infrared detector, the Infrared signals ( human radiation) emitted by the patient's body are converted by the software into images on the laptop/IPAD screen. The operator can ZOOM into a particular area of interest and can convert the image into 3 D for a more detailed exam. The system can be transported in a small bag and operated using battery or solar power, 3.5 hours battery life at full charge, -- 2 hours to charge the battery, -- uses 15W, is DC powered -- dimensions: 40x25x2 mm

Technical Support

Provided by manufacturer

Replacement Components



2+ year shelf life,

Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

The manufacturer claims that Somatoinfra allows for differentiation between the healthy and abnormal (indicative of a possible illness) biochemical activities within the human organs and the human body. The system has the ability to identify disorders and diseases much earlier than other solutions.

Vetted Performance Status

No testing has been completed


Users must take appropriate precautions when the probe like gel.

Complementary Technical Systems

A reliable power source is required every 2 hours to charge the battery.

Academic Research and References

Arora N1, Martins D, Ruggerio D, Tousimis E, Swistel AJ, Osborne MP, Simmons RM., Effectiveness of a noninvasive digital infrared thermal imaging system in the detection of breast cancer. 2008 Oct;196(4):523-6.

S. Bagavathiappan, T. Saravanan, Infrared thermal imaging for detection of peripheral vascular disorders, J Med Phys. 2009 Jan-Mar; 34(1): 43–47.

E F J Ring and K Ammer, Infrared thermal imaging in medicine, Published 28 February 2012 • 2012 Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine, Physiological Measurement, Volume 33, Number 3.

Compliance with regulations

CE and ISO compliant

Other Information


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