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Stan Valet Airport Parking Robot

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Stan Valet Airport Parking is a robot enabling contactless parking of autos at congested airports.

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Product Description

Stan Valet Airport Parking Robot is a self-driving forklift. The users drop off the car at a pick up container, the car model and size is scanned and the robot manages the parking spots and parks the car inside the airport, while optimizing the available space.

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Open Source

User Provision Model

The user books the parking spot via an online platform. The user drops off the car at a specific hangar, turns it off and initiates the robot pick-up and parking procedure.

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Design Specifications

The robot is designed to lift cars weighing up to 3 tons and measuring up to 18 ft long. It is equipped with lidar, GPS, and sensors allowing it to take and move any cars, lifting them by the wheels and block-parking them efficiently. Stan can place around 100 cars per day. After booking the service on the airport web store, passengers drop-off their car in a designated storage space before taking their flight. Stan's task is to take the car and store it in a secured parking area by sliding underneath and lifting it by the tyres, with no need to start the car. The robot is also connected to the airport traffic management system and can detect when a customer is arriving to prepare the car for final pick-up. The robots are managed by a software to optimize the parking space. The robots are contributing to the Airport Carbon Accreditation initiative by reducing CO2 emissions around the airport.

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Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

The robot can move autonomously and can optimize up to 50% of the available parking spot

Vetted Performance Status

Test results are expected from a test campaign at Roissy Airport in Paris. The successful test campaign enabled them to have the contract with Vinci airport. The design of the prototype would be then finally fully validated.



Complementary Technical Systems

Equipped hangars have to be installed with the robots

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