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Skyfish M6 UAV

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Skyfish M6 UAV is a drone system with mapping and inspection operations capabilities.

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Product Description

Skyfish M6 UAV is a drone system and mapping solution for research, power line inspection, and search & rescue.

Distributors / Implementing Organizations

Manufacturing/Building Method

US-manufactured drones

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User Provision Model

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Design Specifications

  • Modularity: central pod that can vary in size, payload, componentry and number of booms.
  • Customizable: several options and upgrades available
  • Touch-screen navigation: includes a "Samsung Galaxy" Tablet preloaded with flight software "SkyControl" compatible with the drone
  • Maximum flight time: 45 minutes
    Payload: 8 lbs
    All up weight: 39 lbs
    Micro controller: Skynode Compatible
    GPS: Here RTK with ground station/td>
    Propulsion: 18-30 inch KDE carbon fiber props
    Battery: 22,000-30,000m Ah 6 s to 8 s
    Boom arms: 3k Carbon fiber with quick connect pin system
    Telemetry: Encrypted 900 MHz ISM Band 12 miles 2-way
    Maximum speed: 60 mph
    Landing gear: Modular retractable
    Motor model: KDE 5215XF or KDE 7215XF
    Flight Controller: MAVLink supported

Technical Support

Provided by Skyfish

Replacement Components

Available from manufacturer  



Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

Ready to fly, safe and centimeter accurate drone solution

Vetted Performance Status

Skyfish M4 creates models accurate to 16th of an inch using several gigs of data and thousands of photos. It has been tested in an Eastern Pennsylvania prison.


While Skyfish M6 is collision-avoidance ready for safe navigation in complex airspace, risks associated with drone operation apply

Complementary Technical Systems

Skycontrol flight software for planning and piloting the UAV. Skycloud access to 3D data and models.  

Academic Research and References


Compliance with regulations


Other Information

Skyfish presentation

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