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Wheelchairs of Hope

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A lightweight and colorful wheelchair for children in low-resource settings.

Tested By
  • Center for Testing and Certification MECH-TEST
  • Wheelchair of Hope
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Product Description

Wheelchairs of Hope manufactures a wheelchair that is low cost, designed to handle rugged terrain, and kid-friendly. Designed for riders ages 2-14, the manufacturers worked to make the chair look appealing and offers three bright colors. It fits and provides postural support to disabled children in order to provide the mobility needed for daily life (such as going to school).

Target SDGs

SDG 3: Good Health and Well-Being

Market Suggested Retail Price


Target Users (Target Impact Group)

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Public Sector Agencies

Distributors / Implementing Organizations

Wheelchairs of Hope, Hospitals/Institutions including Alyn Hospital in Jerusalem and Beit Issie Shapiro in Ra’anana.  

Competitive Landscape

Manufacturing/Building Method

The chair is manufactured in China by Sharp Manufacturing and distributed by Wheelchairs of Hope, based in Israel. The original seat prototype was made on a 3D printer. The seats are made of plastic.

Intellectural Property Type


User Provision Model

Wheelchairs of Hope distributes chairs to hospitals and other institutions providing care to disabled children. These institutions distribute the chairs to the children & families.

Distributions to Date Status

250 wheelchairs have been distributed in Israel and Palestine. 100 have been sent to institutions in Vietnam.  Chairs were delivered in Peru and Tajikistan. In 2018, 50 wheelchairs were sent to South Africa and more are heading to Argentina.

Maximum rider load (kg)


Seat widths (min-max, cm)


Seat depths (min-max, cm)


Adjustable seat (yes/no)


Frame type (folding/rigid)


Frame type (material)

Metal – steel

Seat angles (degrees):


Footrest heights (min-max)


Repairable with universal components (yes/no)


Chair weight (kg)


Fatigue tested (yes/no)


Fatigue test results (cycles)


Design Specifications

The seat of the wheelchair is made out of plastic and designed specifically to provide the proper support for a child. The frame components are a mix of metal and plastic. The chair can be completely disassembled so it can be shipped. A safety belt and cushion are included with the chair.

Product Schematics

Technical Support

Technical support can be found in its manual as well as by contacting the manufacturer.

Replacement Components

Some common replacement components are included with the original package. For other components users need to contact the manufacturer. Expert advisors note that specific information and validation on this product's maintenance requirements is not available. For products intended to be used by individuals with minimal technical knowledge, maintenance directions are essential.



Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

The manufacture claims their product meets the following targets:

  • Provide proper fit and postural support
  • Light weight
  • Attractive and kid-friendly appearance
  • Can be shipped and assembled on site
  • "Maintenance-free"
  • Rugged enough to handle a variety of terrain such as dirt roads

Vetted Performance Status

The chairs were tested by the manufacturer and rehabilitation staff at Alyn hospital. Beit Issie Shapiro, an Israeli non profit which aims to help the disabled, also participated in the testing process. The chair was also tested by CBC Centre for Testing and Certification in Poland. This group tested the static stability, fatigue, and disengaging force among other things (summarized here: 125 2016 E1 Summary) according to ISO and EN standards. Expert advisors note that although conventional mechanical testing has been performed, testing to validate performance of wheelchair on uneven terrain is not currently available.


The chair is safe for children weighing less than 40kg (88lbs). There is an anti-tip piece that needs to be secured if the wheelchair is tipped while driven. The manufacturer suggests checking the security of the bolts weekly. Brakes should be activated whenever the occupant is getting in or out of the chair.

Complementary Technical Systems

The chair was designed so that if additional pieces such as a neck support were need, these could be accommodated.

Academic Research and References

Center for Testing and Certification, “Report CBC-125/2016“, Mechanical Laboratory of CBC, 2016.

Solomon, Shoshanna. “Hundred-Buck Wheelchair Brings Hope to Disabled Kids” The Times of Israel, 2016.

Leichman, Abigail Klein. “Wheelchairs of Hope, from Israel with Love.” ISRAEL21c, 2014.

Wheelchairs of Hope, “Assembly and Manuals“, 2020

Wheelchairs of Hope, “Shipping Instructions“, 2020

Wheelchairs of Hope, “Our Products“, 2020

Compliance with regulations

This product complies WHO guidelines, ISO 7176, EN 12183, and has the CE mark in Europe.

Evaluation methods

The wheelchairs underwent static stability testing according to ISO 7176-1 and manual wheelchair testing prescribed by EN 12183 standards.

Comments from the Community

1 Comment

  1. CarolineS_Fellow says:

    While this product has undergone conventional mechanical testing, more testing is needed to validate the performance of the wheelchair on uneven terrain. Further validation is also needed to confirm that the wheelchair is maintenance free, as that would be important for a product that is intended to be used by individuals with limited to no technical knowledge. Opportunities to provide local or semi-local repair services should be considered.

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