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Alvan Blanch Groundnut Lifter/Inverter

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The Groundnut Lifter/Inverter is a multipurpose tractor attachment that digs, lifts, shakes, inverts, and windrows groundnuts in one operation.

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Product Description

The Groundnut Lifter/Inverter is a multipurpose tractor attachment designed by Alvan Blanch to dig, lift, shake, invert, and windrow groundnuts in one operation.

Distributors / Implementing Organizations

Alvan Blanch Development Company Ltd Alvan Blanch QUOTATION No.: EX13.0733/US-1-cmb

Manufacturing/Building Method

The customer can get a specific customized design by discussing with the manufacturer before making an order Alvan Blanch QUOTATION No.: EX13.0733/US-1-cmb

Intellectural Property Type

Patent Protected

User Provision Model

All components can be ordered through Alvan Blanch – and can be sent out directly by DHL or airfreight – dimensions/weight dependent. Alvan Blanch QUOTATION No.: EX13.0733/US-1-cmb

Distributions to Date Status


Crops targeted

the targeted crop is mostly sorghum.

Harvesting capacity (ha/hr)


Row spacing (cm)

81 – 91.4 Interview with representative

Mounting mechanism

Tractor’s 3 point linkage. Interview with representative

Weight (kg)

800 Interview with representative

Manual or motorized


Design Specifications

Design specifications:

    • Extra heavy-duty machine (made of a heavy-duty tubular frame) designed for years of service.
    • As the machine moves forward, the plough blades dig under the crop in the two ridges; a disc separates entangled growth between rows, and the elevator lifts the loosened crop from the ground.
    • Loose dirt is removed by the shaking action applied by rollers under the elevator chain.
    • From the top of the elevator, angled spinners fluff out and disentangle the crop (to assist drying and threshing) whilst removing more dirt and discharge it over inverting rails which leave the crop in a neat windrow, with nuts exposed to help sun-drying.
    • The machine is fully adjustable to suit all conditions.
    • The plough blades can be moved to suit row spacing, and the two wheels are raised/lowered for depth control. The elevator pick-up depth is adjustable, utilizing a simple chain linkage.
    • Row spacing range: 81 - 91.4 cm.
    • Adjustable ploughs with center and outside vine cutters.
    • Bar type conveyor - 1.68 m wide - with rubber bumper wheels. It is mounted to the tractor's 3 point linkage.
    • Depth gauge wheels with Positive flow inverter attachment and PTO drive, 540 rpm - shaft included.
  • Weight (kg): 800 Alvan Blanch QUOTATION No.: EX13.0733/US-1-cmb

Technical Support

Nigerian technical team, based in Benin City, handles all customer support in Nigeria – as well as some of the maintenance work across Africa. Alvan Blanch also has several commissioning engineers in the UK who travel to clients worldwide. Interview with representative

Replacement Components

Yes. Alvan Blanch QUOTATION No.: EX13.0733/US-1-cmb


12 month warranty on faulty workmanship or materials. Alvan Blanch QUOTATION No.: EX13.0733/US-1-cmb

Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters


Vetted Performance Status



Yes, various sharp and/or moving parts. Alvan Blanch says, "We design our products with safety in mind. All are fitted with relevant stickers and warning signage – in the relevant language." Interview with representative

Complementary Technical Systems

This product needs a tractor with mounts to tow and operate its mechanisms. Alvan Blanch QUOTATION No.: EX13.0733/US-1-cmb

Academic Research and References

Zaied, M. B., El Naim, A. M., Dahab, M. H., Mahgoub, A. S., Development of powered groundnut harvester for small and medium holdings in north kordofan state in western Sudan. World Journal of Agricultural Research. 2014;2(3):119-123.

Wang, D., Shang, S., Han, K., Design and test of 4HJL-2 harvester for peanut picking-up and fruit-picking. Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering. 2013 Nov;29(11):27-36.

Lu, X., Hu, Z., Peng, B., Analysis of research on the picking roller of the half-feed peanut combine harvester. Applied Mechanics & Materials. 2014;597:502.

Compliance with regulations


Other Information

The Queens Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2012, state recognition by Buckingham Palace, winner of A.T. Ferrell Award for dealer innovation.

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