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Alvan Blanch Oil Expeller Press XP100-E

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The Alvan Blanch Oil Expeller Press XP100-E is a cold press machine used for extracting oil from oilseeds like rapeseed and linseed

Developed By Unknown

Product Description

The Alvan Blanch Oil Expeller Press XP100-E is an automatic oil expeller for cold pressing oilseeds like rapeseed, linseed and others. The product can expel oil from seeds at a feedstock rate of approximately 150 – 400 kg/hr.

Distributors / Implementing Organizations

Alvan Blanch Development Company LtdInterview with representative

Manufacturing/Building Method

The Alvan Blanch Oil Expeller Press XP100-E is built using components such as proximity sensors, bar magnet grid, precision cast press plates and others.

Intellectural Property Type

Patent Protected

User Provision Model

All components can be ordered through Alvan Blanch – and can be sent out directly by DHL or airfreight – dimensions/weight dependentInterview with representative

Distributions to Date Status

About 40 Interview with representative

Feedstock types

Oilseeds like rapeseed, sunflower, linseed, etc.

Volume of oil produced (L)


Capacity: Feedstock rate (kg/hr)


Power source

Motor drive power (kW)

Design Specifications

The Alvan Blanch Oil Expeller Press is designed such that the seed is placed under increasing pressure as it is conveyed through a tapered chamber. Because of the high level of compression (and pressure generated temperature) oil is expelled through a set of rings. The residual solid matter is conveyed to the end of the press and falls away as thin strips of ‘oilcake’. • Compresses oilseed drape at 150 - 400 kg/hr • No switches or basic control panel • Dimensions (LxWxH) (cm): 155 x 112 x 180 • XP100E model has a 9.2 kWh motor. Interview with representative

Models Capacity (Typical) Drive kW Length mm Width mm Height mm
XP100 150 kg/hr 9.5 1550 1120 1800
XP300 400 kg/hr 23.0 2035 1276 1937
Key features:
  • Cast iron multi-segmented body
  • Stainless steel oil collection trough
  • Multiple filter frames with cotton filter cloth and oil discharge taps
  • For filtration of vegetable oils
  • Steel support stand
  • Geared pump with overflowing valve

Technical Support

Technical support is provided by Alvan Blanch

Replacement Components

Choke ring, multiple segment pressing screw, set of 17 cast iron replaceable platesInterview with representative


10-15 years

Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

The Alvan Blanch Oil Expeller Press is designed to expel approximately 250 to 300 liters of oil from one tonne of rapeseed, depending upon the original oil content, moisture content and cleanliness of the sample

Vetted Performance Status




Complementary Technical Systems

If a generator is used to power the press - the press should be fitted with a speed controller. A voltage monitoring system is needed to avoid damage to the inverter. The XP100E gives crude oil. In order to get processed oil, you would need a filter press, pump, settling tanks, etc. Additional attachments include: Temperature Adjustment Chamber, Oil Pump, Feed Hopper, Proximity Sensor, MPC Pre-Cleaner, MPC Support Frame, IBC Tank, Primary Settling Tank Interview with representative

Academic Research and References

Orhevba, B. A., Chukwu, O., Osunde, Z. D., and Ogwuagwu, V., 2013, Influence of moisture content on the yield of mechanically expressed neem seed kernel oil.  Academic Research International. 4(5) pp 252-257.

Bamgboye, A. I., and Adejumo, A. O. D., 2007,  Development of a sunflower oil expeller.  International Commission of Agricultural Engineering, 9: pp 1-7.

Nelson, A. I., Wijeratne, W. B., Yeh, S. W., Wei, T. M., and Wei, L. S., 1987, Dry extrusion as an aid to mechanical expelling of oil from soybeans. Journal of the American Oil Chemists’ Society, 64(9), 1341-1347.


Compliance with regulations


Other Information

This video shows how the oil expeller works. The Queens Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2012, state recognition by Buckingham Palace, winner of A.T. Ferrell Award for dealer innovation

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