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Alvan Blanch Groundnut Sheller Model GS100

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A very simplified and cost effective groundnut sheller for small scale use.

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Product Description

The GS100 Groundnut sheller is a very simplified and low cost sheller designed by Alvan Blanch company for small scale domestic and community usage.

Market Suggested Retail Price


Distributors / Implementing Organizations

Alvan Blanch Development Company Ltd Alvan Blanch QUOTATION No.: EX13.0733/US-1-cmb

Manufacturing/Building Method

Individual, made to order. Alvan Blanch QUOTATION No.: EX13.0733/US-1-cmb

Intellectural Property Type

Patent Protected

User Provision Model

All components can be ordered through Alvan Blanch – and can be sent out directly by DHL or airfreight – dimensions/weight dependent. Alvan Blanch QUOTATION No.: EX13.0733/US-1-cmb

Distributions to Date Status


Shelling capacity (kg/hr)

Manual or motorized

Perforation sizes for nuts (mm)

Shelling efficiency (%)


Varieties shelled

Used for a variety of nuts

Nut breakage rate (%)


Design Specifications

Design specifications:

  • Galvanized steel body in bolt together panels (packed flat for transport).
  • Cast iron spiked rustlers are fitted in rows to the base of the rotor which is moved backwards and forwards manually.
  • This action breaks the shells against the wire screen that forms the curved base to the machine.
  • The shell pieces can then be winnowed away from the kernels.
  • Two sizes of wire screen (9mm and 11mm) are supplied with each unit to suit differing varieties.
  • Volume (m3): 0.05
  • Weight (kg): 30

Technical Support

Nigerian technical team, based in Benin City, handles all customer support in Nigeria – as well as some of the maintenance work across Africa. Alvan Blanch also has a number of commissioning engineers in the UK who travel to clients worldwide. Interview with representative

Replacement Components

Yes. Alvan Blanch QUOTATION No.: EX13.0733/US-1-cmb


12 month warranty on faulty workmanship or materials. Alvan Blanch QUOTATION No.: EX13.0733/US-1-cmb

Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

Performance targets: Interview with representative

  • Shell up to 100 kg/hr
  • Best results on the GS100 models are achieved if the ‘in shell’ nuts are graded into small, medium and large sizes.
  • The machine is then set to suit one of these grades and reset for the next grade later.
  • In this way breakage into large kernels of unshelled nuts is minimized.
  • The concave screen is easily interchangeable so that different perforation sizes can be used for different grades.

Vetted Performance Status



Potential safety hazards related with various sharp and/or moving parts. Alvan Blanch says, "We design our products with safety in mind. All are fitted with relevant stickers and warning signage – in the relevant language." Interview with representative

Complementary Technical Systems

Academic Research and References

  1. Raghtate, A.S., Handa, C.C., Design and fabrication of groundnut sheller machine. IJIRST. 2014 Dec;1(7):2349-6010.
  2. Fellows, P., Food Processing Technology: Principles and Practice. Woodhead Publishing. 2009.

Compliance with regulations


Other Information

The Queens Award for Enterprise: International Trade 2012, state recognition by Buckingham Palace, winner of A.T. Ferrell Award for dealer innovation

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