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eRanger Ambulance

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The eRanger Ambulance transports patients to and from healthcare centers.

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Product Description

The eRanger Ambulance is powered by the JH 200L with a sidecar combination that acts as an ambulance for transporting of patients and healthcare resources to and from local health centers and hospitals. It can carry up to 3 people: the patient, outreach medical worker, and the driver. On the sidecar part of the ambulance, a removable stretcher is incorporated with a hinged section to allow easy access to the stretcher’s flat platform. The stretcher can be configured in two ways: flat position or suspended chair. In both positions, there is a storage space at the rear of the sidecar. For privacy and safety reasons, the ambulance also incorporates a canopy that can cover the whole stretcher. The rear carrier box of the motorcycle is large enough to fit medical kits and a fire extinguisher.

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Distributors / Implementing Organizations

eRanger Ambulances are deployed with the help of NGOs and governments, such as UNICEF, USAID and JHPIEGO.

Manufacturing/Building Method

eRanger Ambulances are manufactured on-demand at the eRanger Production Company in South Africa. eRanger claims that each unit is constructed using jigs and appropriate manufacturing techniques to ensure they are finished to the same high standard. They source appropriate motorcycles, perform modifications, and manufacture all cycle equipment. Interview with manufacturer

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User Provision Model

Clinics and hospitals can procure the eRanger Ambulance directly from eRanger or via NGO programs by calling or emailing and expressing interest in a collaboration. eRanger will provide a quote based on requirements. Interview with representative

Distributions to Date Status

Over 2,000 Interview with representative

Design Specifications

The eRanger Ambulance is able to safely and comfortably carry one patient and an outreach medical worker, plus emergency supplies for on-site treatment. Every Ambulance has a specialist leading link front suspension system fitted as standard. The improved JH 200 L unit includes an electric start and an easy to maintain pushrod engine that delivers an improvement in engine torque over the older overhead cam engine The main feature of the Ambulance is the side-mounted stretcher, attached via metal-elastic mounts that, when combined with the sidecar's suspension, smooths the ride over rough terrain. The stretcher provides patient protection with additional “roof” bars and has multiple functions. When flat, a prone patient can be carried while protected by an all weather cover. It can also be converted into a suspended chair. In both positions there is storage space at the rear of the sidecar. The chair position is suitable for the walking wounded, sick and expectant mothers. Patient transfer is enabled with a hinged section allowing access to the stretcher's flat platform. Included with ambulance: stretcher, mattress, seat-belts, an extra fuel can, support jack, air compressor (electric), a backbox on the motorcycle (detachable), "decent" set of nonplastic spanners, spare cables, air filter, bulbs, 2 helmets, waterproof 2-piece suit, high visibility jerkin, spare tires, spare drive chain.Interview with manufacturer Dimensions (LxWxH): 2m x 1.6m x 1.6m Stretcher table dimensions (LxW): 1.9m x 0.65m

Technical Support

Construction of eRanger is relatively low 'tech', allowing for easy repair. Each driver is trained at eRanger's college in Eastern Cape South Africa or in the field at the final destination. Training includes: Basic Control, Road Riding, Off-road riding, and Essential Maintenance.

Replacement Components

The motorcycle used is a Chinese design that eRanger modifies. All of the components of the motorcycle are generic and replaceable with local parts. Interview with manufacturer


Expected lifespan of 8 years under normal circumstances. Currently, some ambulances are still running after 7 years of use. Lifespan is dependent upon quality of maintenance, temperament/attitude of the driver, and storage conditions. eRanger offers a 12 month, or 10000 Km warranty, whichever comes first. Interview with manufacturer

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The ambulance is equipped with components to ensure the safety of the ride. These components include:

  • Seat belt
  • Extra fuel can
  • Support Jack
  • Air compressor (electric)
  • Spare cables
  • 2 helmets
  • waterproof 2-piece suit
  • Spare tires
  • Spare drive chain.

Complementary Technical Systems

Stretcher, medical kits. eRanger also has a mobile clinic and mobile education.

Academic Research and References

Bhopal, S. S., Halpin, S. J., Gerein, N., 2013, Emergency Obstetric Referral in Rural Sierra Leone: What Can Motorbike Ambulances Contribute? A Mixed-Methods Study, Maternal and Child Health Journal. 17(6), pp. 1038–1043.

Hofman, J. J., Dzimadzi, C., Lungu, K., Ratsma, E. Y., Hussein, J., 2008, Motorcycle ambulances for referral of obstetric emergencies in rural Malawi: Do they reduce delay and what do they cost?, International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics, 102(2), pp. 191-197.

Singh, V. K. and Lillrank, P., 2015, Innovations in Healthcare Management: Cost-Effective and Sustainable Solutions, CRC Press

Compliance with regulations

NATIS standards in South Africa. All motorcycles are made under ISO 9,000+. Interview with manufacturer

Other Information

Extensive list of case studies of implemented ambulances. Informative videos of ambulance operation with in-ride footage

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