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Azuri Duo Solar Home System

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Solar home system available in Africa.

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Product Description

The Azuri Duo by Azuri Technologies is designed to provide a source of power for lighting and mobile phone charging using solar panels and a battery. Azuri’s service model allows customers to pay a $10 installation fee and then rent to own the system using mobile money or purchasing IndiGo scratchcards. If payments aren’t met, the unit powers off until the next payment is made. After paying off the entire system, users have the option of “unlocking” it for free, unlimited use, or upgrading to a larger model.

The 5 watt Azuri Duo was previously the 2.5 watt Indigo Duo.

Azuri Technologies is located in Cambridge, England with additional operations in Malawi, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Ethiopia.


Distributors / Implementing Organizations

system of distributors, local entrepreneurs, service agents, and installers work to distribute and deploy the product.

Manufacturing/Building Method

Mass produced in Malaysia.

Intellectural Property Type

Patent Protected

User Provision Model

Users can obtain the Azuri product from dealers in the target regions.

Distributions to Date Status

21,000 units deployed as of September 2013

Description of power outputs

2 LED outlets and 1 USB

Description of light points

2 LEDs

Total lighting service (lumen-hours per solar-day)

1,200 lumen-hours per solar-day

Peak power rating (Wp)

5 Wp

Battery capacity (kWh; mAh)

3,300 mAh

Nominal battery voltage (V)

3.2 V

Battery type

Lithium iron phosphate

User replaceable battery (yes/no)


Remote system diagnostics (yes/no)


Payment structure

Mobile money with a keypad

Mobile service required (yes/no)


Design Specifications

This product includes 2 LED Lamps, USB connection for phone charging, and 5 W solar panel and inverter.

Technical Support

Warranty and technical support provided by local dealers, with technicians trained by Azuri.

Replacement Components


Lifetime is unknown, but support and repair is covered through the product dealer for one year after purchase.

Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

Performance Targets: • Battery fully charged after 7 hours in full sunlight • Phone charger compatible with 15 leading mobile phone brands • Lamp intensity of 60 lumens

Vetted Performance Status

Lighting Global verified the following quality standards: Truth in Advertising: Accurate Labeling (e.g., rated run time, battery capacity, PV power), Lumen Maintenance: 101% of initial brightness maintained over 2000 hours of operation, Passed basic durability and quality checks.


Be sure to follow proper electrical installation and control guidelines.

Complementary Technical Systems


Academic Research and References

Hawkins, J., Enterprise revolution. Renewable Energy Focus. 2013 May-Jun;14(3):36-41.

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Compliance with regulations

Meets Lighting Africa Performance targets and the following Lighting Global Quality Standards: Truth in Advertising, Lumen Maintenance, Quality, and Warranty Passed: • Drop test • Switch and connector cycling • Physical ingress protection test • No water ingress protection

Other Information

Azuri Technologies also sells the Quad, a 10 watt solar home system.

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