Bridges to Prosperity Suspension Footbridges

Robi Groeli

Product description Brand name and product description

Bridges to Prosperity (B2P) Suspension Footbridges are customized footbridges developed using local knowledge and materials to be locally appropriate and as cost effective as possible. B2P aims to provide isolated communities with access to necessary places over impassable rivers.

Target region(s) Target region for distribution/implementation (listed by country if specified)

Haiti, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Peru, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Bolivia, Liberia, Mali, Rwanda, Sudan, Zambia, Malawi, Kenya, Ethiopia, Nepal, Timor-Leste.

Distributors/implementing organizations Organization(s) distributing/deploying this product directly to communities/individuals?"

Bridges to Prosperity with the help of numerous implementing partner organizations.

Market suggested retail price Price per unit or service price per usage/terms (USD). Subsidies noted.

Average project cost is $25,000 USD.

Competitive landscape Similar products available on the market. May not be a comprehensive listing.


SDG targeted United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) targeted with this product/application/service

Goal #11: Sustaianable cities and communities

Target user(s) Target user/consumer base (country, income segment)

Isolated rural communities restricted by an impassable river or water source.

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