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Created on September 5, 2016

Motivo HARVEST Electric Tractor

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Motivo Harvest is a multi-purpose shareable mobile power delivery system for agriculture combining a power module and a small tractor system.

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Product Description

Motivo Hybrid Agriculture/Road Vehicles with Electricity Storage and Transformation (HARVEST) Electric Tractor – is an all-electric tractor that can store energy generated from a different source and deliver it on-demand. The tractor can plow a field, power a home, take goods to market, and perform many other functions transporting energy.

According to the manufacturer, “Motivo developed a multi-purpose shareable mobile power delivery system for agriculture. Consisting of a power module integrated with a small tractor Motivo’s HARVEST system provides mobility, rotary power, and electrical power from a single zero-emission platform. Based on a patented power electronics architecture developed by Motivo, HARVEST collects power from solar panels, wind turbines, or intermittent electrical grids, stores that power in an on-board battery, then delivers it on-demand. HARVEST can be rented, tracked, and updated via cell network, with all user interaction handled via text messaging.”

Distributors / Implementing Organizations


Manufacturing/Building Method

Still a prototype, manufacturing has not been determined yet.

Intellectural Property Type


User Provision Model


Distributions to Date Status

Prototype. None distributed as of September 5, 2016.

Design Specifications

The HARVEST is designed to have multiple functions. These include, but are not limited to: energy storage system, wireless network connectivity, text-message based reservation system, and headlights. Includes a power module integrated with a small tractor. Since the tractor is designed to the standard PTO size, the HARVEST can receive any standard PTO input to add modifications to the tractor.

Technical Support

The product was designed so that someone in the middle of a field in rural places around the world could fix the tractor should any issue arise. Since the tractor comes with a cellular connection and text message alerts, Motivo can remotely diagnose the problem, and communicate with the user to make repairs. Motivo can also remotely control the tractor.

Replacement Components




Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

The HARVEST aims to: generate less pollution, reduce spoilage, and use less gas than the typical tractor. Each unit can be tied together to form a micro-grid with a larger output capability.

Vetted Performance Status

Motivo is undergoing testing of the product, though no results have been published as of September 5, 2016.


The HARVEST has similar safety hazards to any electrical device. It is also very large and mobile, so caution is suggested when transporting the tractor

Complementary Technical Systems

The HARVEST cannot generate its own power, and must draw that power from an external source (ie. solar panels, wind turbines, grid, etc.). Users can attach rotary power implements or plug in electric power tools.

Academic Research and References


Compliance with regulations

Motivo used a shaft manufactured according to standard PTO shaft

Other Information

Informative video about HARVEST

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