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Carpolo is a real time, community-based and achievement-driven carpooling platform.

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Product Description

Carpolo is a smart carpooling system with a points reward system and insightful analytics such as CO2 emissions saved and overall impact of carpooling within the user community. The platform acts as a search engine for unused car space or ride requests. The application then matches users together – rider and driver – who are along the same route. It also provides a rating system that helps riders feel comfortable with their paired carpool companion.

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Open Source

User Provision Model

The application is available for free download via the Google or Apple app stores.

Distributions to Date Status

5000+ installations

Design Specifications

Carpolo uses GPS to connect drivers and passengers and calculates saved CO2 emissions. On each successful carpool points are awarded to both the driver and passenger which the user can then redeem for phone credit.

Technical Support

Users can send an email to "info@carpolo.co" or send a message through the app.

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Vetted Performance Status

User reviews can be found where the application available for download.


Users can choose to accept a ride after approving the person who sent the request by checking his/her profile. Moreover, the trip and person that the user is carpooling with are saved via the app before the ride begins. All carpools done via Carpolo are insured by Commercial Insurance.

Complementary Technical Systems


Academic Research and References

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