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Evaptainers EV-8

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Evaptainers EV-8 is a mobile refrigeration system used for keeping fruits, vegetables and Dairy products fresh in the summer season.

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Product Description

Evaptainer EV-8 is a light weight, easy-to-carry, fully portable refrigeration unit that can keep perishables like fruits, vegetables and dairy products fresh in the hot summer months. It requires no electricity to operate and is 100% eco-friendly with no greenhouse gas emissions. Some prototypes of the product have been tested, but the EV-8 is not yet available in the market.

The usage of Evaptainers could be extended in natural disaster situations. In addition to food storage, in post-disaster settings the vessels might also be used to store medical supplies at cooler temperatures without the use of electricity that will most likely be disrupted under such circumstances.

Market Suggested Retail Price


Distributors / Implementing Organizations

Manufacturing/Building Method

Still in prototype phase, the units are designed to be mass produced.

Intellectural Property Type

Patent Protected

User Provision Model

Distributions to Date Status

The product is not yet available on the market.

Storage capacity (L)

Time to cool (hr)

0.5 hours/ 30 minutes Interview with representative

Cooling retention (hr)

As long as it has water it will remain cool, water deposit can last 1-6 days. Interview with representative

Temperature control


Minimum internal temperature (°C)

15-20 degrees Celsius less than ambient conditions

Materials of construction

Protection from insect entry


Refrigeration cycle catalyst

N/A evaporative cooling uses water

Design Specifications

The EV-8 uses PhaseTek technology, that enables and enhances the effects evaporative cooling. Using this technology Evaptainers can create a cooling effect of 15-20 Celsius from ambient conditions using no electricity. The membrane technology becomes activated when a user fills the internal reservoir with any source of water (e.g. tap, well, river, lake). The walls of the device then begin to draw out heat from the interior of the device through evaporative cooling.    

Technical Support

Tech support can be requested via e-mail, available in the US and Morocco. Interview with representative

Replacement Components

Some components are available upon request. Interview with representative


It has a 1 year full warranty and 3 years limited warranty. So far the first prototypes tested have lasted 2.5 years without problems. Interview with representative

Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

The EV-8 can cool its internal storage space by 15-20 degrees Celsius from ambient conditions, potentially extending food shelf life from 2 days to 2 weeks. It is said to reduce the spoilage rate by at least 10%.

Vetted Performance Status

According to manufacturer's field testing the EV-8 is 5% more thermally efficient than a Zeer Pot. The impact on users is said to be a 10% of income savings, due to the time users can work instead of going to the market. Interview with representative


No safety precautions specified.

Complementary Technical Systems

Biogas or solar cookstove.

Academic Research and References

Lim, C., & Nair, T., 2017, Cooling Future Urban Habitats: Technology Based on Human Body? (RSIS Commentaries, No. 017). RSIS Commentaries. Singapore: Nanyang Technological University.

Nair T and Lim CH., 2017, Science, Technology and Human Security-Fighting Food Wastage: New Ideas From the Past. (RSIS Commentaries, No. 016). RSIS Commentaries. Singapore: Nanyang Technological University.

Compliance with regulations

All materials are food grade standard Interview with representative

Other Information

The manufacturer claims that the product can pay for itself in less than 3 months. Winner of 2017 USA ASME ISHOW.

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