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KSNM Cono Weeder

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KSNM Cono Weeder is a manually operated weeder used to remove weeds in paddy crops.

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Product Description

The Cono Weeder is designed for weeding paddy fields. The product is manually operated and the weeds are uprooted by the teeth of the weeder and buried in the mud by the push and pull operations.

Distributors / Implementing Organizations

Manufacturing/Building Method

KSNM Cono weeders are manufactured at their facility in Tamil Nadu, India, which has the capacity to produce up to 75,000 pieces annually.

Intellectural Property Type

Trade Secret

User Provision Model

Users can purchase product directly from the manufacturer

Distributions to Date Status


Targeted Crops

Weight (kg)

Power source

Design Specifications

The cones are comprised of plastic material and the steel blades are embedded in it. It has a single row and is operated by a single person in a push and pull operation. It has two conical rotors mounted in tandem with opposite orientation. Smooth and serrated blades are mounted alternately on the rotor to uproot and bury weeds when the rotors create a back and forth movement. Each cone has 6 serrated blades and 6 plain ones, each of 2 mm in thickness. Design Specifications

Number of Operators One person
Type of operation Push pull mechanism
Number of rows Single row
Width of operation 140-160mm
Number of cones/rotors 2
Cone material Plastic moulded with MS blades
Blades 6 each of 2mm thickness
Float assembly 1mm thickness
Depth of operation upper 30mm of soil
Weight 6 kg
Field coverage 0.10-0.12 hectare /day of 8 hours of operation
Handle Main Pipe: 20 mm dia 18 SWG Length: 1200 mm Cross Bar: 25 mm dia 18 SWG Length: 430 mm

Technical Support

There is no additional technical support provided and maintenance is carried out by users themselves.

Replacement Components

Replaceable components include the cones



Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

It can cover 0.1-0.12 hectare per day of 8 hours of operation, saving 50% labor and 40% cost. Performance targets include: low cost, easy to operate, no chemical residue, facilitates good aeration, and enable better development of root system.

Vetted Performance Status

Through field evaluations in lowland paddy fields the effective field capacity, weeding index, pushing force and other factors were measured for KSNM cono weeder with moulded cones and compared to commercial ones with mild steel cones. Results are shown in the table.

Type of weeder Difference over commercial weeder, percent
Commercial weeder Cono weeder with plastic moulded cones
Effective field capacity, m2/h 190.0 265.0 28.30
Weeding index, per cent 75.2 81.1 7.04
Pushing Force, N 43.3 37.50 -(13.39)
Plant damage, percentage 6.1 5.90 -(3.27)
Performance Index 1358.1 2031.90 49.61
Weight, kg 7.5 6.1 -(18.6)


Safety hazards related to this product include blades on the cones.

Complementary Technical Systems

Company also sells other agricultural equipment for proper farm maintenance.

Academic Research and References

Waghmode, R.S. ,Shinde, S.R., Dixit, A.K., Chanchure, A.A., Jadhav, K.H. and Gudur, S.E., 2015, Solar power tiller, IJESAT, India, 5(3), pp. 149-156.

Mohan, M., Sundararaj, G., Ravindra, N. and Soman A.R., Role of Polymer in Weeding and Seeding Machinery in Agriculture Rice Mechanization, International Journal of Science and Engineering Applications Special Issue NCRTAM ISSN-2319-7560 (online)

Other Information

KSNM marketing has received the following achievements: Received Tamil Nadu Government Award, Represented SAARC meeting on Agricultural implements, Participated in Africa Trade Fair Brief documentation on the KSNM Cono weeder KSNM Youtube channel demonstrations

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