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FlexMo Crutch

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Flexmo is a walking aid for the elderly and people suffering with locomotor disability.

Developed By
  1. Flexmo
Tested By
  • All India Institute of Medical Sciences
  • The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)
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Product Description

Flexmo is a walking aid for the elderly and people suffering from a locomotor disability. It enables people to walk on a wet surface or snow, rocks without pain.

Target SDGs

SDG 3: Good Health and Well-Being

Market Suggested Retail Price


Market Suggested Retail Price (Secondary Currency)


Target Users (Target Impact Group)

Household, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Distributors / Implementing Organizations

This product is distributed by Flexmo and available at Flexmo's website.

Manufacturing/Building Method


Intellectural Property Type


User Provision Model

This product is available at Flexmo website.

Distributions to Date Status

As of 2020, over 1,000 units have been distributed.

Height (cm)


User height (cm)


Weight (kg)

1.3 kg

Weight capacity (kg)

120 kg

Target population

Visually impaired

Power Supply Type

No power

Indispensable equipment for function (Y/N)


Design Specifications

The ergonomically designed grip provides a natural wrist angle and loads the entire palm. Design specifications include:

  • Size (Height of a person) : M (142 cm – 178 cm), L (178 cm  – 193 cm)
  • Weight : M (40-80kg), H (80-120kg)
  • Color BLACK, BLUE
  • Weight of 1 Unit: 1.3 kg
  • Plastic Handle: High-performance ABS plastic. Ergonomic handle with comfortable foam grip.
  • Armpit Support: Indian Rhino inspired stylish armpit support with comfortable foam cushion.
  • Flextip: Foot inspired Tip specifically made of high strength steel for high performance and durability. Military-grade rubber makes it slip-resistant and durable.

Product Schematics

Technical Support

Provided by the manufacturer.

Replacement Components



5 - 10 years

Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

Designer specified performance targets include: lightweight, durable, portable, and convenience.

Vetted Performance Status

Results of testing performed by third-party organizations are not available for the public.


No known safety hazards are related to this product.

Complementary Technical Systems


Academic Research and References

Balakrishnan, M., Paul, K., Garg, A., Paul, R., Mehra, D., Singh, V., Rao, P.V.M., Goel, V., Chatterjee, D. and Manocha, D., 2007, Cane Mounted Knee-Above Obstacle Detection and Warning System for the Visually Impaired, Proceedings of the IDETC/CIE, Las Vegas, NV, September 4-7, 2007, ASME Paper No. DETC2007-35238, pp. 143-151.

Chitranshi, G. and Yadav, R.K., 2014, Assistive Aids for the Disabled: Past, Present and Future, Confluence The Next Generation Information Technology Summit (Confluence), 2014 5th International Conference, Noida, India, Sept 25-26, 2014.

Graafmans, W., Lips, P., Wijlhuizen, G., et al., 2003, Daily physical activity and the use of a walking aid in relation to falls in elderly people in a residential care setting, Z Gerontol Geriat, 36, pp. 23–28.

Compliance with regulations


Evaluation methods


Other Information


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