GoSun Fusion


The GoSun Fusion is a portable solar cooker that can supply power for nighttime cooking.

Product description Brand name and product description

The GoSun Fusion solar cooker is a portable stove that combines a parabolic reflector to concentrate heat and an electric oven for cooking. It can feed 4-5 people at full capacity and is designed to be used at home, while camping, or during emergency scenarios. It can cook during full sun, and cloudy conditions, as well as at night if external power is supplied. Power to GoSun’s Fusion cooker can be supplied through any 12 V source such as a car or battery. It has a capacity of 145 oz of food and can cook a meal in full sun in under one hour.

Target region(s) Target region for distribution/implementation (listed by country if specified)


Distributors/implementing organizations Organization(s) distributing/deploying this product directly to communities/individuals?"
Market suggested retail price Price per unit or service price per usage/terms (USD). Subsidies noted.

449 USD

Competitive landscape Similar products available on the market. May not be a comprehensive listing.
SDG targeted United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) targeted with this product/application/service

Goal 7: Affordable and clean energy

Target user(s) Target user/consumer base (country, income segment)

Households and people looking for portable cooking solutions for activities like camping and travelling.

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