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Created on August 31, 2021

Jute Cellulose-based PPE

Upcoming Update

PPE materials made from biodegradable polymer processed from jute leaves. Courtesy of WHO Compendium 2021

Developed By Unknown

Product Description

The Jute cellulose-based PPE is a prototype material for masks and protective garments made from jute, which is a leafy plant native to Bangladesh. The material is comprised of cellulose, creating a liquid- and air-proof material that is designed to be biodegradable after use.

The technology is patented by Dr. Mubarak Ahmad Khan and was trademarked by the Bangladesh Jute Mill Corporation in 2017 but is still undergoing testing.

This product was selected for inclusion in WHO’s 2021 Compendium of Innovative Health Technologies for Low‐Resource Settings.

Market Suggested Retail Price


Distributors / Implementing Organizations

None, as of 2020

Manufacturing/Building Method

The jute cellulose is extracted through a processes that includes treatment, hydrolysis, then polymerization, resulting in a biodegradable polymer sheet that can be used for PPE products.

Intellectural Property Type

Open Source

Available size(s)

300 x 600 x 1500 mm sheets


Intended for single-use

Indispensable equipment for function (Y / N)


Maintenance or calibration required by user at time of use? (Y/N)


Material(s) used in product

Cellulose extracted from the jute leaf

Power supply type: Continuous, Recharging only (V, time required, battery life), Other



Shelf life expectancy is 0-2 years

Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

This product is designed to be "water and air-proof"

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