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Magpi is a cloud-based mobile application that provides data collection, broadcast messaging, and data visualization.

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Product Description

Magpi is a cloud-based mobile application that provides data collection, broadcast messaging, and data visualization. The data collection service provides survey forms on any mobile device. The messaging component lets users create large-scale, broadcast messaging campaigns using SMS/text and voice.

Magpi is a freemium app (free and paid subscription levels). Data can be collected with iOS, Android, or Symbian apps, online, or with two modes of SMS data collection. Data can be collected if an internet connection is not present: when the connection is re-established the data can be uploaded. It can also be used with satellite systems to upload data via satellite when cellular connections are unavailable.

Market Suggested Retail Price


Distributors / Implementing Organizations

UNICEF, WHO, International Federation of Red Cross, Chemonics, JSI

Manufacturing/Building Method

Software development

Intellectural Property Type


User Provision Model

Users can subscribe and download or access the platform online

Distributions to Date Status

Design Specifications

Magpi is an online app. Users have to go to www.magpi.com and create an account to start using the app – including mobile forms, SMS data collection, text and audio broadcast messaging, data visualization, etc. Magpi is designed for real-time and offline data capture, instant data sync and analysis, and can be connected to other apps without programming skill.

Technical Support

There is a comprehensive support section that includes a knowledge base, video tutorials, FAQs, support request, and ticket creation.

Replacement Components




Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

Improved mobile data collection:

  • Eliminate paperwork
  • Improve data quality
  • Coordinate data collection
  • Real-time and offline data capture
  • Instant data analysis and sync

Vetted Performance Status

Magpi was compared with six other tools in terms of cost, performance and features, ease of use and learning curve, speed, and overall rank. The scores included the following:

  • Cost 3/7
  • Performance and features 3/7
  • Ease of use 4/7
  • Learning curve 3/7
  • Speed 7/7
  • Overall 4/7



Complementary Technical Systems

It is possible to store the generated information on Magpi servers. Users can also transmit data automatically through Magpi to a user's personal server, or to other cloud systems like Salesforce or SQL Server.

Academic Research and References

Fisher, M., Mann, B., Cronk, R., Shields, K., Klug, T. and Ramaswamy, R., 2016, Evaluating Mobile Survey Tools (MSTs) For Field-Level Monitoring And Data Collection: Development Of A Novel Evaluation Framework, And Application To MSTs For Rural Water And Sanitation Monitoring, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 13(9), 840.

Gupta, S., Ranjit, A., Shrestha, R., Wong, E.G., Robinson, W.C., Shrestha, S., and Kushner, A.L., 2014, Surgical Needs Of Nepal: Pilot Study Of Population Based Survey In Pokhara, Nepal, World Journal of Surgery, 38(12), pp. 3041-3046.

Cetorelli, V., Sasson, I., Shabila, N. and Burnham, G., 2017, Mortality And Kidnapping Estimates For The Yazidi Population In The Area Of Mount Sinjar, Iraq, In August 2014: a Retrospective Household Survey, PLoS Medicine, 14(5).


Compliance with regulations

Local regulation on information privacy rights and SMS broadcast policies should be reviewed where implementation and usage is taking place.

Other Information

More information available here

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