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Mahindra Fertilizer Spreader

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The Mahindra Fertilizer Spreader is a tractor mounted implement which is used to spread fertilizer.

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Product Description

Mahindra Fertilizer Spreader is a product developed by Mahindra for spreading fertilizer in the field. It replaces manual labour and has a metering system that ensures uniform distribution reducing cost and time. It is tractor mounted implement which uses a rotating PTO (Power take-off) shaft as an input.

Distributors / Implementing Organizations

Manufacturing/Building Method

Mass produced in India

Intellectural Property Type


User Provision Model

Users can obtain the product directly from the manufacturer as well as from the dealers such as N.K. Tractors and Vinayaka Motors.

Distributions to Date Status


Spreading mechanism

Rotating disks

Power source

Power takeoff (PTO) shaft

Weight (kg)



Transport width: 0.8 – 1.15

Spreading width (m)

Storage capacity (kg or L)

Design Specifications

The Mahindra Fertilizer Spreader consists of two parts: a cone-shaped hopper, and a gear arrangement with a chain drive and spreader disc. The hopper is plastic and the main frame is tubular steel. Specifications:

Size 150 L to 500 L
Working Width 8-12 m
No. of Disc 1 Disc
Transport Width 0.8 m - 1.15 m
Spread Width (m) 0.8 m to 1.2 m
Operating RPM 540
Matching HP Above 25 HP
Opening Agitator Manual Controllable Openings Inbuilt Agitator

Technical Support

Provided by manufacturer at their respective dealer locations. Interview with dealer

Replacement Components

Provided by manufacturer at their respective dealer locations. Interview with dealer



Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

Performance targets include:

  • Saves time, labour and fertilizers
  • Uniform distribution
  • Simple operating mechanism that is easy to maintain

Vetted Performance Status



Safety instructions (Manual similar to this product) include the following but are not limited to:

  • Protective clothing and equipment should be worn.  Wear clothing and equipment appropriate for the job. Avoid loose fitting clothing.
  • Prolonged exposure to loud noise can cause hearing impairment or hearing loss. Wear suitable hearing protection such as earmuffs or earplugs.
  • Operating equipment safely requires the full attention of the operator. Avoid wearing radio headphones while operating machinery.

Complementary Technical Systems

Mahindra provides a wide variety of agricultural implements.

Academic Research and References

Chaudhari, S., et al., 2017, Design and Development of Fertilizer Spreader Machine. International Journal of Engineering Sciences & Research Technology.

Compliance with regulations


Other Information

Mahindra Tractors Facebook page Video showing the operation of Mahindra Fertilizer Spreader    

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