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Netafim Family Drip System

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Netafim's Family Drip System (FDS™) is a gravity-based drip irrigation system based on the company's low volume drip-irrigation technology.

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Product Description

Netafim’s Family Drip System (FDS™) is a gravity-based drip irrigation system based on the company’s low volume drip-irrigation technology. FDS does not require additional investment in infrastructure such as pumps or electricity and is suitable for plots of any shape between 250 and 500 square meters as well as 1 acre sizes. Combined with good agricultural practices, FDS can increase yield and quality and optimizes water efficiency by reducing run-off, leaching, and soil erosion.

Market Suggested Retail Price


Distributors / Implementing Organizations

Netafim partners with local businesses and NGO's to distribute their low-cost drip irrigation systems. In Kenya, Netafim also paired up with Amiran Kenya.

Manufacturing/Building Method

Netafim mass-produces the Family Drip Systems primarily in their Israel and Australia manufacturing plants.interview with representative

Intellectural Property Type


User Provision Model

Users can obtain the product through NGOs, government institutions, and local dealers. Netafim does not directly sell to smallholder farmers.interview with representative

Distributions to Date Status

Approximately 5,000 to 10,000 units are distributed each year.interview with representative

Design Specifications

The product is designed to make drip irrigation possible by offering a low pressure, low volume watering technique where long tubes with holes deliver water to the roots of plants. The technique is efficient as small amounts of water is delivered to the plant avoiding wastage through surface runoff.  The FDS™ system is equipped with a valve, a filter, a distribution pipe, dripperlines, and all required connectors and accessories, along with installation, operation and maintenance instructions.  

Technical Support

Upon request Netafim provides planning, training, technical, and agronomic field support designed to suit local conditions and meet the specific requirements of each project.

Replacement Components

Availability of replacement parts vary from region to region, but are available.interview with representative


5-10 years if maintained properly.interview with representative

Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

The product has been designed to function under low-pressure to serve family plots. No centralized pressurized system or electricity required. The tubes are made from heavy-duty polyethylene pipes (inside diameter 6mm, outside diameter 8mm) for low pressure performance giving a drip emitter flow rate 0f 0.65 l/h.    

Vetted Performance Status

Smallholder lettuce growers in Niger, increased their revenue by more than 400 percent with a Family Drip System. It is said that drip irrigation in India has added $850 in annual profit for farmers.


No known safety hazards are related to this product and more details are here.

Complementary Technical Systems

The irrigation Kit comes with a maintenance book to maintain efficiency.

Academic Research and References

Haile, Abraham Mehari, Herman Depeweg, and Brigitta Stillhardt. “Smallholder Drip Irrigation Technology: Potentials and Constraints in the Highlands of Eritrea.” Mountain Research and Development 23.1 (2003): 27-31.

Huang, S. 2012. Evaluation of Pre-packaged Agricultural Drip Irrigation Kits [thesis]. [Massachusetts, United States]: Massachusetts institute of technology (MIT)

Compliance with regulations

Quality management system (QMS ) and ISO 9001(International organization for standardization) certified. ISO 9261 certified. 

Other Information

Netafim was the recipient of the 2013 Stockholm Industry Water Award.

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