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SDS-T-128 Submersible Solar Pump

The product is a low cost, positive displacement submersible solar pump.

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Product Description

The Sun Pumps SDS Submersible Pump Series is comprised of eleven pump modules. The SDS (Model T-128) Submersible Pump is a solar powered submersible pump for lower water volumes from shallow depths. The pump can be powered by solar panels or batters and can use a range of DC voltage from 12 V to 30 V.

Target SDGs

SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy

Market Suggested Retail Price


Target Users (Target Impact Group)


Distributors / Implementing Organizations

SunPumps sells its products through over 80 dealers around the world, including in Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Tanzania, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Ireland, India, Australia

Competitive Landscape

Manufacturing/Building Method

Mass produced in Safford, Arizona. Interview with representative

Intellectural Property Type


User Provision Model

Pump is usually ordered from authorized dealers worldwide through online Location Finder.  Can be purchased directly from the manufacturer via phone or email as well.

Distributions to Date Status

Representative estimated over 500+ in 2014.  Interview with representative

Pump type

Submersible solar pump

Power requirement (W)

126 W

Average flow rate (L/min at specific head)

6.06 L/min at 225 ft of head and 30 V

Maximum head (m)

70 m

Diameter (cm)

9.65 cm

Design Specifications

SDS-T-128 pump is a displacement submersible pumps constructed of ryton and 316 Stainless Steel. It operates on a range of DC voltages from 12 V to 30 V, which can come from solar panels or batteries. The pump is sized to for use in 4 in well casings. The SDS (Model T-128) Submersible Pump has the following dimensions: • Diameter (cm): 9.65 • Height (cm): 31.1 • Weight (kg): 5 • Shipping weight (kg): 5.9 This pdf shows an assembly schematic.

Product Schematics

Technical Support

Sun Pumps offers in-house repairs, on-the-phone technical assistance for user repairs, and have a "Pump Service Kits" section on the website. They provide "Do It Yourself" rebuild videos available in their Media Library.

Replacement Components

Replacement components are available for purchase from manufacturer or dealers and are listed as Rebuild Kits.


Sun Pumps offers a limited warranty from 12 to 18 months, if the purchaser completes and sends in the warranty registration card. Instructions and warranty information available online. Lifespan depends upon the usage, amp draw, well depth, etc. Interview with representative

Manufacturer Specified Performance Parameters

Manufacturer specified performance targets include being high quality and low voltage DC pumps.

Vetted Performance Status

Performance vetted by manufacturer but not a third-party. Measured at full voltage of 30 V • Max Flow Rate: 2.0 GPM (7.6 LPM) • Maximum Head: 230 ft (70 m) • Max Watts: 126 W • Max Motor Amps: 4.2 amp


Safety precautions can be found on page 3 of this document.

Complementary Technical Systems

A water storage tank is needed for cloudy days when the pump may not produce as much water. Other equipment that is needed includes a solar panel, cables, and batteries.

Academic Research and References

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Compliance with regulations


Evaluation methods


Other Information

 Video on how to install an SDS pump.

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