Stuart Mason

The SpaTap is a small silicon device that is attached to a bottle to convert it to a tap or shower.

Product description Brand name and product description

The SpaTap is a small silicon device that is attached to a bottle and converts it into a flow controllable tap or shower. It is made to minimize water use and has 4 flow modes. The SpaTap has been made for water scarce contexts to improve sanitary conditions and is used both as a stationary tap and for temporary use while traveling.

Target region(s) Target region for distribution/implementation (listed by country if specified)

SpaTap targets the whole world but the product is patented in Australia and distributed from there. For individuals, it is sold from the SpaTap website and shipped to Australia, UK and USA. Concerning humanitarian work, it has been distributed in Kenya and India. It is also targeted towards emergency settings and hence has been implemented in Vanatau and Nepal.

Distributors/implementing organizations Organization(s) distributing/deploying this product directly to communities/individuals?"

The product is sold directly from the manufacturer to individuals. For humanitarian purposes, it is sold to and distributed by NGOs and governmental agencies such as International Transformation Foundation (ITF) in Kenya and The Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT​). It has been used in emergency settings in Vanatau and Nepal.

Market suggested retail price Price per unit or service price per usage/terms (USD). Subsidies noted.

The market suggested retail price depends on the amount ordered and if a strap is included or not. On the SpaTap webshop the prices mentioned range from 20 USD per product to 25 USD per product depending on if you buy 1 or more, up to 7. The lowest unit price of 5.5 USD is for big orders without a strap included. There is potential for local production of straps.

Competitive landscape Similar products available on the market. May not be a comprehensive listing.

At the moment there are no similar products on the market, adding a spout onto a water bottle. Competitors include handwashing systems such as TyeWorks and Tippytap.

SDG targeted United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) targeted with this product/application/service

Goal 6: Clean water and sanitation

Target user(s) Target user/consumer base (country, income segment)

Individuals without access to piped water such as campers and communities in rural settings in the global south. The product is also specially targeted towards users in water scarce regions and/or emergency situations.

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